Top 15 Reasons For Having Kids

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rasing kidsAfter having kids there are some days we say to ourselves,

“What was I thinking; I must have had a brain fart.”

And then something funny happens and you stop and think how different life would be if it wasn’t for those little ones that grow up to be big ones and we say,

“Yes, this was the best thing I ever did.”

When you have those bad days and are turning grey headed, because of your choice to have kids you can read these:

15 reasons for having kids and know that it wasn’t a mistake. 

The grey hair is worth it, (after all there is always hair dye).

1.    You learn that after pregnancy everything is a breeze.  Sometimes this can be the pits with the morning sickness, feeling like a whale out of water, and giving birth.   Look at it this way, there is nothing like feeling of the new life moving around in your body.

When it comes to the birth you learn what pain really is.

When you are chasing that little toddler later;

After you have taught them to walk and talk and run into the chair breaking your little toe the pain is a walk in the park after experiencing childbirth.

You are ready for anything that comes down the road.

You are no longer bothered about those GYN visits anymore.  Nothing about your body is private anymore and that is OK.  You can pee with anyone watching.

2.    You learn that you can survive without sleep.  You now appreciate every time you get 10 minutes to close those eyes to rest.  Sleep is beautiful!  Before those kids you thought,

“Hey, I can sleep anytime; let’s go party.”  You learn to be grateful for the little moments of silent’s.

 3.    You learn that you can stomach about anything that comes along.   After experiencing the entire poop and vomiting things; there is No smell that can bring you to your knees.


You are strong and can withstand any single friend coming over and getting totally shit faced and vomiting all over your front yard.  Or even missing the toilet after drinking too much.

4.    You learn having good sex doesn’t have to take that long.  You learn to have sex in your sleep some nights and this can be done in the dark and fast, before you hear a kid call out, “MOM, I had a bad dream.”

 5.    You are in better shape than you ever thought possible.  Those biceps keep getting bigger every day after caring around a 20 pound kid.  Even though you can’t stand up straight anymore because your hip is out of line from holding some of the weight on it when you need a little relief.

Who needs a wrist band to let you know how many miles you have walked in a day?  Some nights you walk those miles in your sleep, because the darn baby won’t sleep or you are chasing that toddler around all day trying to save their life after they try to pull the dresser over on themselves.

You never knew that you could run so fast.  You could win the 50 yard dash in the Olympics.

6.    You have learned how to outsmart another person.  As a parent you have to learn to stay one step ahead of those little people.  You see them heading in one direction and you know what they are after.  You know that you can get there before they do.

All that practice for the 50 yard dash kicks in.  You are like super woman!  You fly through the air.  Mission accomplished.

Beats the crap out of a trip to the ER.

7.    You learn how to use your imagination. There are times when you need to referrer or come up with a solution to any given situation.  Maybe it is a time out box for bad behavior or two little ones trying their best to knock one another down for the count.

When all else fails with this behavior you can always get out the handcuffs and handcuff them together to fight it out. (Trust me this does work.)  For some reason it takes all the fun out of the fight.

8.    You learn the fine art of multitasking and get REALLY good at it.  You can cook a meal, set the table, and hold the baby without falling over a 2 year old while walking around getting this all put together.

 9.    You learn that there are more uses for pots and pans than cooking with them.  Always keep your pots and pans that are not breakable in the bottom cupboard to entertain the little ones.  They like playing with them more than their toys you paid umpteen bucks for.  (Beware of the noise, they can get very brutal when playing with them.)

     10.You learn to keep up with times, so you don’t become an old fart.  With time; toys are always changing, fashion changes and music changes.  You name it and progress keeps moving.

Without kids you don’t have a prayer in hell of keeping up with these changes.

With kids you don’t have a choice, if you want to stay ahead of these little and big people as they grow you learn to like the music and fashion.  Well, maybe not all of it!

     11.You learn how to pack.  Whether you are going to the grocery store or on a trip there is always extra clothes, snacks, bottles, etc. you better bring with.  You a so good at doing this you are ready for any emergency that may come up.

     12.You learn that the show home isn’t near as much fun as the home that looks lived in is.  A house full of love and fun is much more interesting and exciting than if your world looks perfect.  Perfect is a dull place to be.

    13.You learn to remember when you were a teenager.  When those little curtain climbers become teens it brings back your own memories of those years.  This is a good thing if you want to stay ahead of them.

The key is not to ever let them know what your teens years where like until they have moved out of the house and are on their own.

By the way when it comes to the word hormones, take that word out of your vocabulary.  Teenage girls have enough excuses for their behavior, don’t give them this one.

    14.You learn what unconditional love really means.  You finally understand that you can love this person with all your heart, but it is OK that you don’t have any use for their actions.

And if you feel like knocking the crap out of them; this is OK, just learn to walk away and save that for another day.

    15.You learn patience’s.  We all have to learn in our own way and we are going to make mistakes. (Actually I called them learning experiences.)

Maybe they’re having trouble putting a small train on a track, clothes on a doll or having their heart broken for the first time.

We as parents can be there for them with patience and understanding as they grow and learn like we did.

To me it is amazing and beautiful what we can learn from being parents.  I know that parenthood is not for everyone and I do admire the people that choose not to have kids, because they know they would be lousy at it.  My hat goes off to them for knowing themselves like they do.

For the parents out there it is the most rewarding thing in the world and if you play your cards right, maybe when you are old and feeble, because of the love you gave your kids without question they will be there for you in your time of need.

Last of all when you have those bad days with raising kids and are pulling your hair out and turning grey with what is left; while they are sleeping in their bed go in and take a good look at that sweet face and your heart will feel with love.  If not there is always tomorrow.

What have your kids taught you and would you change things if you could do it over again?






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  1. My youngest is 12 and I still haven’t gotten out of the idea to pack extra stuff. Before I had kids my handbags were tiny, now, even with teenage kids, my handbag hasn’t reverted to it’s original size 🙂

    I love having my kids and like you said, a lived in home is much more fun than a show home. I still love to keep a neat home, but I realise that the kids and their happiness have to come first. I can’t keep telling them off. They have to be comfortable in their own home.
    Anne recently posted…Confidence building: You Can Do It!My Profile

    • Hi Anne,

      I like what you say, “Kids have to be comfortable in there own home.”
      Yes, we have to teach them to pick up after themselves and be clean, but at the same time we don’t want to make neat freaks out of them.
      have to find that happy medium.
      I don’t know if one ever goes back to the small bag. My kids are grown, but I still haven’t down sized the handbag.
      Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.
      Debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

  2. Dear Debbie –

    Wow! This is a full course in parenting and reality.

    One that really made me laugh was #8.

    My husband ccame home from work and I was nursing a baby and cooking dinner at the same time.

    He said I was a crazy person. (But two other little ones were hyngry)

    But you already knew that.

    Superb post.

    Corinne Edwards recently posted…LOVE AND THE BIG FIX – from Love on the Rocks – on AmazonMy Profile

  3. Hi Debbie,

    You are SO right about mentioning these things that kids teach us and the reason for having kids in the first place, which is a good learning lesson for those who have issues with having kids. 🙂

    Oh yes…my kids taught me patience, which was a big change over from what I was earlier, and that has carried on with me right through. And yes, I think every mother learns to multi-task when she has kids, and this helps us in our career later too as I see it as an added advantage being a professional blogger and writer now.

    Overall I think my kids taught me to love unconditionally, and be more giving, be there for them, learn compassion and deep understanding which a mother can so well do where her kids are concerned at least.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Have You Lost Your MindMy Profile

    • Hi Harleena,
      Yes, i did have a good weekend. Thanks.
      I could have listed more things that raising kids has taught me, but i didn’t want to rattle on forever.
      You are right they do teach you that you are not the center of your world. As for the patience I am with you, they taught me mine.
      I always think of a time when I was going to clean my kitchen floor and the 3 little ones were sitting at the table having a snack with juice.
      I looked at them and said, “If you are going to spill your juice do it now.” The middle kid looked at me, picked up her glass of juice and turned it up side down. She said, “You told me to do it now.” All i could do is look at her and say, “Your right.” Then we all laughed.
      Those memories can still put a smile on a mothers face years later.
      Thank you for sharing and your kids are lucky to have you as there mother.
      You have a wonderful week.
      Debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

  4. Debbie,

    Learned to stay at work longer! LOL, only kidding but a good one!

    Meeting new friends. Without te kids, we would not have the great friends we have today.

    Andrew recently posted…Working On Your Online Business Could Be So Much EasierMy Profile

    • I like that one Andrew. “Learn to stay at work longer.”
      You made me LOL. You make a great point there. There are days where it is called for.
      And yes, you do meet and make a lot of new friends. I still have one lady that I am friends with after 25 years. If it wasn’t for the kids I would not have met her.
      Thanks for adding to the list.
      Have a great week and keep smiling.
      Debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

  5. I get the drift of your excellent post – there ARE (tons of) benefits to having children. Yet I think, had I needed reasons to have kids, I probably wouldn’t have any. For crying out loud, we’re all (ex-)children. So it follows that every memorable meal, every book that adds to our experience, every painting that moves us, every piece of music that makes us dance (or cry), every poem, even nature and the world itself (access to and understanding of), the internet and WordPress, every piece of wisdom, all fear and every act of love and courage – the work of children. I say bring ’em on!

    • Hi Beat,
      You are right. We are all ex-children and it is wonderful. I love the way you say this and I am with you “bring’em on.” The world would be a very sad place without those kids.
      We would miss out on a lot of great memories.
      Thanks Beat for your wisdom and insight.
      Debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

  6. Great post as always Debbie, you make me smile! Parenting is a new one for me and hard work and great fun at the same time!
    Joel recently posted…Headway 3.5 ReleasedMy Profile

  7. Hi Joel,
    I can tell that you are having fun with the little one. When raising kids the beautiful moments out weight the harder times with them.
    It is hard work, but in the end it is worth every second.
    thanks for sharing and I am happy that I made you smile. Talking about kids can do that.
    Debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

  8. Debbie, I loved the opening line! Some really good common sense, delivered with humour, something all parents need.
    I love my kids as much as when I first met them. Unconditional ( well most of the time ) and my heart breaks whenever they are hurting, and they are adults now. You cannot know a love like it.
    Wendy recently posted…I want every one of my clients to receive the best possible outcome they deserveMy Profile

    • Hi Wendy,

      Yes, i do believe all parents need to have humor, if not it is going to be long…. road ahead. I do know what you mean when you talk about heart break. They have no idea how a parent can hurt when they are hurting.
      And the love for them is indescribably.
      thanks for sharing
      debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

  9. Hi Debbie,
    What a great post, you have captured the essence of what is often good about parenting! I can relate to so many of these, especially as my kids have grown and it is rewarding to see the adults they are becoming.
    Thanks for a trip down memory lane!

    Anne recently posted…Sleep Apnea and MenopauseMy Profile

    • You are welcome Anne. Have to love those trips down memory lane once in a while.

      I have to agree with you it is rewarding to see how all your hard work turns out when your kids are grown and out on there own. It is fun watching them build there own lives.
      You can smile and say to yourself, “Job well done.”
      Thanks for sharing and have a great day,
      Debbie recently posted…Top 15 Reasons For Having KidsMy Profile

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