The Zen of Friendship in your Relationship

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Mac Anderson from Simple Truths has this wonderful movie “Friends” and I would like to share it with you.  He says, “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”  Does this sound like your spouse or a best friend?

Friends are very important in life, something that we all need and want.

Good marriages can start with being good friends and build to romance love.  This type of relationship is built on a strong foundation that will last a life time. (Of course you have to have those warm fuzzies to go with it)

Can you say your partner or spouse is your best friend?

Share this movie with them or if you are single I bet your best friend would love to see this movie, knowing it came from YOU!


Now is the time to talk to me and let me know if you enjoyed this post.  The box is below and I am waiting; good, bad or indifferent?

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  1. ……touching..Thankyou
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted…21 more Self Discovery Questions for the 40+’s……enriching your Mid Life Journey in 2012My Profile

  2. Corinne Edwards says:

    Dear Debbie –

    Loved the film.

    I like the quote that –

    “A friend is a person who knows all about you and loves you anyway.”

    Friends become even more valuable as you age – especially when you encounter the heartbreak of losing them to the great beyond. It leave a huge hole in the Universe.

    • Corinne,

      I am glad that you enjoyed the film. I to enjoyed it very much. It shows how important real friends are (like you sweet lady).

      I am very sorry for the lose of your friend. It does leave a hole it the heart. Thank you for sharing and I feel blessed having you as a friend.
      Blessing to you always, Corinne

  3. Hi Debbie, friendship is the key to a wonderful relationship. My wife and I were best friends for years before we ever got together romantically. We knew each other and genuinely liked each other’s company! Great clip!
    Bryan Thompson recently posted…Have You Kept Your Resolution? Here are 4 Ways to Create Lasting ChangeMy Profile

    • Hi Bryan,

      Thank you for sharing the information about you and your wife. The two of you are very wise people. My hubby and I are like that. It makes for a wonderful relationships when you are friends first. You have very sold ground to build on.
      Glad you enjoyed the clip.
      Blessing to the 2 of you always,

  4. Life would be meaningless without some good friends.
    Raymond Chua recently posted…QuoteMy Profile

    • Hi Raymond,

      You hit the nail on the head. Life would be meaningless without some good friends. Family we don’t get to pick, but friends are a choice. It is wonderful to have this choice. Thank you for sharing this thought.
      Blessing to you,

  5. Debbie

    A good friend a little while back recommended a book for me to read. The book was called, “Next Year Younger”. In simple terms it told you how to feel younger than you feel today…in a years’ time.

    The secrets?

    Exercise 6 out of 7 days every week

    Don’t eat rubbish (you know when you are eating rubbish)

    Enjoy your friends and be social

    Without friends…we feel old!

    Andrew recently posted…How To Make A Blog Part One: Getting Your Niche Right Is CrucialMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      Wonderful tips Andrew for staying young. You are right without friends we do feel old. Friends make us feel useful!
      You didn’t need to remind me of the rubbish that I eat though! LOL That chocolate that I just had tasted pretty good, and they say NOW chocolate is good for you, (yes it was dark chocolate)

      Thank you for sharing and I’ll check out the book “Next Year Younger.” Sounds interesting.
      Blessing to you,

  6. Nancy Shields says:

    Hello Debbie,

    Oh beautiful video my friend – since I consider myself the “Girlfriend Guru” I believe that every word is so very true in this lovely segment.

    You are a beautiful friend – even if I have never met you, I know that you are there for me when my posts come out and I am there for you when your posts publish….loyal…

    In gratitude for your friendship,
    Nancy Shields recently posted…LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD AND SLOWING DOWN….My Profile

    • Hi Nancy,

      You bet ya! I am there for you Nancy when you make those post. That is what friendship is for and it is wonderful getting to know you better everyday.
      Someday we will meet in person. That would be nice. Until then girlfriend you take care and we will talk to you later.
      Hugs and blessing to you,

  7. Nice video. It was great seeing all my friends back in England over Christmas, though I’m not back to all my online friends. It’s good to know people are there, even if you don’t “need” them right now.

    Thanks Debbie, as always!
    Joel recently posted…Choosing Ideal Web HostingMy Profile

    • Hi Joel,

      Great to hear from you and nice to have you back. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and this makes me very happy. Yes, it is good to know people are there if you find yourself in need of them.

      We can’t pick our family, but we sure can pick our friends and this makes for a new and wonderful family.
      Blessing to you always,

  8. If you have a partner what ever you call them and you live with them and they are not the person you confide in first and most often, you have a problem. I think we sometimes have trouble distinguishing between friends and acquaintances. We really should not be living and sharing our intimate lives with an acquaintance.
    I have friends that I could call if I needed help or had a problem that I needed some specific advice for. They are people I trust and would give to expecting nothing in return except their friendship.
    My life partner though is my best friend on every level.
    Bruce recently posted…Behavioral Interview QuestionsMy Profile

    • Hi Bruce,

      I do agree with you Bruce. The one you live with is the first person you should always confide in. there has to be that trust with them that you know you can go to them for anything, big or small. Good relationships are built on friendship first.

      Friend are great and we all need them for that advice or wisdom.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Blessing to you,

  9. Hi Debbie,

    I love the comment about finishing the song in your heart.

    Often when I wake up in the morning some song will pop in my head and I’ll start to sing a line from it and then Callie will join in and finish. Usually afterwards she will be angry at me for getting a song stuck in her head, but I guess that’s kind of how it just works.


    Bryce Christiansen recently posted…How to Not Miss Life While WorkingMy Profile

    • Hi Bryce,

      Don’t you just love it when those songs pop into your head. I know what you mean, you just can’t get it out of your head. It is great that the 2 of you can sing the song together. That is being in tune with each other. Thank you for sharing. Next time let me know what the song of the day is. LOL
      Blessing to you and Callie,

  10. J Armstrong says:

    Every good marriage starts with a feeling like that.. but after 6-7 years the tuning gets a little more improved. Initially you need to express with what you want, but after so many years we can express only by eyes. This has been happening with me for few years and I really enjoy this phase

  11. When “studies” confirm the obvious – that having friends means living longer, it confirms that friends are God’s excuse for having given you family. Without friends, life would be … I don’t even want to go there. Thanks for being my friend, part of my extended family!
    Cheers, Beat

    • Hi Beat,

      I really like that, ” It confirms that friends are God’s excuse for having given you family.” Life would not be good without friend and yes, I don’t care to go there either.

      Thank you Beat for being my friend. Always enjoy seeing that picture of you with the smile. We all need that extended family and I am very blessed and grateful.
      Blessing to you and hugs too!

  12. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka says:

    Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! Debbie, could you please come on stage for writing such a shortest-inspirational-post-I’ve-read-on-the-internet?

    You deserve more than an applause.

    That quote signifies my best friend. I do pray to get a date that’s my best friend too. Win-win!


    • Hi Chukwuka,

      Thank you many bunches for the very kinds words, Chukwuka.

      No worries you will find that date that is your best friend. Just relax enjoy life and it will happen when you least expect it. What is important is that you are waiting for it rather than hurrying into something that is not right for you. I am proud of you.

      Blessing to you always and hugs too!

  13. Hi Debbie,

    Friendship is something precious and we all should take care of the friendships that we have. Yes Debbie, my partner is my best friend. She is the closest friend and understrands me and I understand her. What a great feeling when the two couples understand each other and are best friends. 😉 Thanks for sharing my friend
    Dia recently posted…Laughter yoga: laugh for no reasonMy Profile

    • Hi “Dia,

      That is great that you and your wife are best friends. This makes for a wonderful and fulfilling relationships. You are blessed and I am very happy for the two of you.
      Thank you for sharing this.
      Blessing to the 2 of you always,

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    • Thank you for the comment, but you say your are writers. With that being said, how come you didn’t go into more detail about what information you like the best. If you really want to have others use your service my advice is to put a little more gusto in your comments. Show the world just how good of a writer you really are.
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      Bless to you,

  15. Hi Debbie,
    Nice article, its not about only for the relationship, but also for making your whole life so amazing and full of joy.
    You put here nice things. Thanks for this.
    Prakash recently posted…Sony Ericsson Xperia SMy Profile

  16. Never really thought too deeply about the friendship aspect of marriage. But its so easy to take your spouse for granted and not realise he/she is such an intrinsic part of your life.
    David Rogers recently posted…Improve your self confidence in 15 minutesMy Profile

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is easy to take our partner or spouse for grant, but when they are our best friend we know that we can talk to them out anything. Friends don’t take thing personal when you confide in them and that is why it is so important to be best friends.
      Thanks again and blessing to you,

  17. I can say absolutely that my Hubby is my best friend. Thanks for sharing the movie!
    Amy LeForge recently posted…5 Common Sense Ways to Raise Kids Who Are Fit, Healthy, and HappyMy Profile

    • Hi Amy,

      You are welcome. Love that movies, they have so many great movies that can just pick you up and make your day. I can tell by your blog that you and hubby are best friends and that is wonderful.
      Thanks for sharing Amy and I send blessing to you,

  18. Friends are those who can really say things to you honestly, criticize you and those you can really be who you are when you’re with them, without shame and without reserve.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you Tim for adding a wonderful comment. It is very true, “Friends are those who can really say things to you honestly, criticize you and those you can really be who you are when you’re with them, without shame and without reserve.” Friends like that are hard to come by, so when you find one you need to keep a hold of them. You are very blessed with a friend like this.
      Blessings to you and thanks again,

  19. I hope I can say that me and my hubby are good friends so I can give him a full trust wherever he goes without doubting anything he do if I am not around.

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