How To End Obesity In Children

Teach your child to… Take a minute to think back to when you were a kid. You got up in the morning and ate a whopping bowl of cereal before heading to school. In your sack lunch you had a sandwich, maybe some chips and an apple. Picked up a little milk at the cafeteria. […]

6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent Books

Are you finding it tough to be a parent in today world? It is like a competitive sport… And everybody is watching everybody… With all the advice, because of modern day technology how are you to know what is the right way to parent and the wrong way. When you Google parenting you start with […]

How To Prepare Yourself for Adult Kids Without Using A Rewind Button

“The best time to give children your advice is when they are young enough to believe you know what you are talking about.”  Author unknown You think you have it bad when your kids are little.  Forget the wine you are going to want the hard stuff after they become adults. That’s when the shit […]

How Modern Day Parenting Is Gambling With Your Kids Future

“Parenthood is a partnership with God…you are working with the Creator of the universe in shaping human character and determining destiny” Ruth Vaughn Are you really in control of your kids character and determined destiny anymore or have you turned that over to society? Here is a report about a kid not being able to […]

Can We Really Trust Commercials Not To Poison Our Kids

We all know that 99% of what they say on commercials is crap. They are going to tell you anything to get you to buy their product. But what are they teaching your kids when you aren’t looking or paying attention? Take this commercial for an example… Does it seem like this kid is running […]

How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of Hands

Do you ever feel like… There are some days where you don’t have enough hands to take care of everything when it comes to your kids? I feel your pain… As mothers we all have those days. The days that your kid or kids are driving you crazy…  Maybe with the fighting with siblings  Or […]

10 Warning Sign You Are Raising a Spoiled Brat

Nobody wants to raise a spoiled brat… A kid that is selfish, demanding and always insensitive to others. It isn’t a lack of love that does the harm. It is the substitute of material things instead of genuine love.  When a parent tries to give them everything…   Indulging them with toys to make them […]

A Mothers Worst Nightmare

When My Little Girl Was Abducted I couldn’t comprehend this was happening to me. One minute my little girl is right beside me. The next minute she is gone… I ask myself through tears, “Will I ever see her smiling face again?” I think about the days leading up to this moment … The days […]

How Santa Explains Himself and Puts The Real Miracle Back In Christmas

Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? These modern days, we are not even supposed to say, “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending someone.  It is suppose to be Happy Holidays. I say crap on that… With that said let me turn the story over to Santa. Here is Santa’s story…And what he wants […]

The Eye Opening Truth About Mom’s and Why God made Them

I received this email that Doris Lucero sent out and it needs to be shared… I believe. Here are 12 questions that 2nd graders were asked when it comes too… WHY GOD MADE MOMS……… Why did God Make Mothers? Answers… She’s the only one who knows where the scotch tape is. Mostly to clean the […]

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