5 Warning Signs That You Need to Shift Your Attitude

Tax season has finally ended, but there are other things that people find taxing and we really should look at them as blessing.  I realize that daily routines can be taxing, but we have to look at it in a positive way, so it doesn’t drive us nutty.  Here are 5 things people have a […]

6 Surprising Reasons You Need Good Self-Esteem

Have you ever watched the person that you admire?  The one in the middle of the crowd having all the fun!  Everything they do; works out.  They can fall in a mud puddle come out laughing and smelling like a rose.  Everyone things they are lucky, but it is not luck, they have good self-esteem […]

What Billy Cox’s Champion Creed Can Teach Us About Happiness and Relationships

I am up and running again.  At least I found out it was not me that messed up my PC; My Hard Drive need replaced. The hard drive is like our brain, it holds all the information that we feed our PC. This not so technical person learned something new.  How great is that?  I […]

Words for the Wise, No Dummies Allowed

“More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them” – Harold J. Smith:  Never play the blame games you will end up losing every time. “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think […]

How to have a great day while you take a shower and get ready in the morning!

This morning while taking my shower and getting ready for the day I was thinking about; how grateful I was for the things that I had at my disposal. Toothbrush and toothpaste:  If I didn’t have this toothbrush and toothpaste my mouth would feel like a herd of elephants had invaded it. Clean Water:  Have […]

What the Denver Broncos Can Teach Us About Relationships

As the world knows the Denver Broncos came out on top and won the playoff game against Pittsburgh Steelers.  Most of the world thought this was impossible.   All things are possible with the right attitude and working together for a common goal! Are you a believer when it comes to your relationships and happiness? […]

How to Bounce Back When Adversity Hits Below the Belt

We all have to face adversity in our lives.  Those stressful event that can change our lives forever.  Maybe a loved one dies, our relationship or marriage ends, or the dreaded pink slip and of course natural disaster can occur. Some can find themselves over whelmed and just want to stop the world and get […]

15 Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Good Self-Esteem

Many relationships fall apart, because of a partner’s low self-esteem.  When we have low self-esteem in a relationship, we can become jealousy, cling to our partner, fear of them leaving us and feel very insecure in the relationship. To have a strong relationship that is healthy and happy, self-esteem has to be strong. One of […]

How to Embrace Rejection, 6 Tips to Help You Heal

When we have the wrong attitude about rejection it can hurt.  Learn how to handle rejection and be thankful for it. Not too long ago I made a comment on Ken Wert blog, “Meant to be Happy”.  After commenting Ken ask me how I got into blogging.  The truth is after being rejected. Whether it […]

10 Things You Did Not Know About Feng Shui That Help Your Relationships and Happiness.

This is a guest post by, Michael Schnippering.  I had never heard about Feng Shui until I received the request from Michael for a guest post.  After investigating what it is all about I decided to share it with you and get your opinion about it.  I do find it very fascinating and helpful! Here […]

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