Give me a freakin break, money does not buy happiness!

Sorry about this headliner, but they finally got my goat!  It is all over the internet and in the newspapers that if you make $75,000 a year you will be happy.  They finally put a price tag on happiness.  I knew sooner or later someone would find away to do this. Yes, The Associated Press […]

Choose To Be Happy; Under Any Situation!

In my last post I was talking about the REAL PATHWAY to happiness.  I found myself in this situation during the Christmas and New Year season.  My happiness within was clearly put to the test big time and I did come out on top. Let me explain a little history.  My lovely husband, God bless […]

Choose Happiness; The Real Pathway!

Psychologists are always studying Happy… like it is a mystery.  Is It? There really is one step to happiness and that is a decision.  You know the old story, “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.”  This clearly explains happiness within.  It is there you just have to […]

How Happy are You, in your life, RIGHT NOW?

Are you happy, but still have some emotions from the past that keeps you a little stuck? When we can release emotions from the present or past that have us stuck we become happier.  The more we “Let Go” the happier we become.  We really begin to uncover our own secret to happiness and find […]

Choose Happiness by Using What You Do Have Corretly!

These days’ people are struggling so much financial that they are saying “I’m not happy because I have no money.  Let us take a closer look at this situation.  Ask yourself these questions: Where did I use my money? Did I really need that big house? Was it really important that I tried to impress […]

Choosing Happiness Means Learning Self-Discipline and the Money Shall Certainly Follow

The Law of Concentration says that, “Whatever you dwell upon, grows and increases in your life.” I learn this lesson years ago when I was a single parent trying to raise 3 daughters.  The more I thought about the money I didn’t have the less money I had.  To correct this problem I started doing […]

Choose Happiness, Not Flying Saucers or Balloons

Now really is a hoax going to help you find your happiness within? This is a good example of how screwed up people can be.  We want to be on TV and be recognized and are willing to make little children part of such a plan.  Least he could have done is made a better […]

People are Not Happy Because? What is your excuse?

I did an article a while back on “Why some people are not Happy and other people very happy.” In that article I was trying to point out that money really isn’t the answer to happiness.  I do know that yes, in some ways it sure can help.  Hey, I’m not that dumb, but it […]

Defining and Choosing to Have a Happy…Life

DEFINING AND CHOOSING TO HAVE A HAPPY…LIFE Everyone has his or her own definition of a happy life.  If you want to live a happy life, you may want to model people who are living a happy life, which includes the following: 1. Wanting and enjoying what you have: Don’t worry about what your neighbor […]

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