How to Take Command of Happiness Within

Why do people have trouble finding the secret to happiness? Here are 16 secrets to happiness. Consciously practice these and you are going to find happiness within every single day of the year for the rest of your life. Learn to be a carefree person; worries have a way of working out. Always be friendly. […]

Secret to Happiness is Building a Childs Self-Esteem: Part 11

KIDS AND SELF-ESTEEM None of us were born with low self-worth or low self-esteem.  It developed through the years by what we were told and how we were made to feel by the people in our lives.  Whether you have children or not, you can make a difference in a child’s view of themselves and […]

What You Can Do To Be Happier Right Now!

I am really excited.  I have a testimonial for my FREE E-Book.  Hey, I know that doesn’t mean much to some, but even when you are taking baby steps it is important.  So, do me a favor and don’t rock my boat or rain on my parade. This makes me very happy.  It is like […]

Whatever Makes You Happy

DO YOU HAVE A PURPOSE? Everybody needs a purpose.  The biggest desire in life is to have a purpose.  Do you have a purpose?  How in the world do you expect to be happy if you don’t have a purpose? Let me give some examples of this; Take the people that are out of work […]

Defining and Choosing to Have a Happy…Life

DEFINING AND CHOOSING TO HAVE A HAPPY…LIFE Everyone has his or her own definition of a happy life.  If you want to live a happy life, you may want to model people who are living a happy life, which includes the following: 1. Wanting and enjoying what you have: Don’t worry about what your neighbor […]

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