10 Rules to Follow so You Don’t Have a Cheatin Man in Your Life

Ladies have you adopted a passive attitude toward your marriage, since that ring has been put on your finger? When you do this you take the chance of losing him sooner or later. Have you adopted a passive attitude in your relationship?  You know that attitude.  Don’t have to worry about the make-up, saying the […]

How to Live A Good Life

This is a guest post from Jason Anthony– “Jason is an individual refinement and growth expert whose philosophy is, “Become a person of high character, integrity, quality and truth, and your life will be respectively enriched.”   Do you know what it means to live a good life?   Each of us is so unique and holds a […]

I couldn’t say it better myself!

I came across this video from a friend of mine at: “Jungle of Life” and I just have to share it with you. I always like to enjoy those little things about my loved ones that I would miss if they were not around and this movie tells it like it is.   Sometime I […]

When’s the last time you got excited about life?

In today’s video I am talking about looking forward to an upcoming event in your life.  Life doesn’t have to be stressful; we can control it by looking into the future without taking away from the present. Remember finding something to look forward does not have to cost you a penny.  Is there something that […]

Did you know food can contribute to your happiness?

I really do believe that you can eat your way to happiness.  But before you get carried away, I’m not talking about moving in to Dunkin Donuts for the weekend (nice as it may sound!). Instead, I’m actually talking about the incredible benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet in helping your body to function […]

How Happy are You, in your life, RIGHT NOW?

Are you happy, but still have some emotions from the past that keeps you a little stuck? When we can release emotions from the present or past that have us stuck we become happier.  The more we “Let Go” the happier we become.  We really begin to uncover our own secret to happiness and find […]

Simple Secrets to Happiness

Simple Secrets to Happiness Life can be complicated, but happiness is… simple. We try our best to make it complicated.  Here is a short story and movie, that I would like to share with you.  In this movie you are going to find the Simple secrets to a happy life. Click on this link, to […]

Choose to be Happy. Is this what is WRONG with Politicians? There NOT Happy.

I was sitting there last night watching the president talk and I really had to laugh. These politicians come into the room and are kissing and hugging each other.  What a show.  Now tell me what would happen if you had a room full of college kids that started hugging and kissing each other when […]

Defining and Choosing to Have a Happy…Life

DEFINING AND CHOOSING TO HAVE A HAPPY…LIFE Everyone has his or her own definition of a happy life.  If you want to live a happy life, you may want to model people who are living a happy life, which includes the following: 1. Wanting and enjoying what you have: Don’t worry about what your neighbor […]

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