Make Happiness Happen!

Change your attitude to be more positive, and your mood will lift.  The other day I went to the store and it was really busy.  As I stood in line waiting for my turn I could tell how impatient people were getting. When my turn finally came the clerk looked at me and said, “How […]

Choose To Be Happy; Under Any Situation!

In my last post I was talking about the REAL PATHWAY to happiness.  I found myself in this situation during the Christmas and New Year season.  My happiness within was clearly put to the test big time and I did come out on top. Let me explain a little history.  My lovely husband, God bless […]

Choose Happiness and be Positive Regardless of Adversity

We all know with the economy the way it is that times are tough.  It has become a phrase that is a permanent part of our language.  I believe it is also a phrase that prevents us from climbing out of a negative situation.   We are focusing on a tough economy, rather than answers and […]

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