How Do I Feel About Who I Am?

I believe that God creates all of us, and in his eyes we are perfect!  We are just the right size; we are beautiful inside and out! Than that wonderful creation gets blown away as we listen to what others say about us and we believe it as the years go by.  Not a very […]

8 Ways to Survive Change in Relationships

One of the hardest things about break ups is the change we have to go through. Life is taking a new direction and we are thrown out of our comfort zone into unfamiliar waters. Here are 8 tips to deal with change when it is thrown your direction wanted or unwanted. Change is a permanent […]

Here is the answer for that New Year’s Resolution

I am very proud to post this article written by Janine Rowe. Janine Rowe’s 23-year-old son, Ky, died suddenly four years ago after a farm motorbike accident. Her world changed forever. She has turned things around to be an inspiration to everyone. I am happy to present her answer for a New Year’s Resolution.  By […]

Wash away your blues and be happy the easy way!

Have you ever wondered how to wash away the blues on a rainy day?  I have found something that can bring back the happiness when those cloudy days arrive. Positive suggestions can lift your mood when you are feeling down or upset.  They can make you think of the good things in your life to […]

What everybody ought to know before turning 50 something!

When we are young we spend entirely too much time building ourselves, rather than building life.  Life is to enjoy and find the happiness, so what are we doing wrong?  Below you find a list of 21 things to change today, not tomorrow. 1.       Experience life before you decide to settle down. Go out and […]

Sing your way to happiness

OK – it’s time to fess up… Did you sing in the shower this morning?  If so, you’re not alone. I did too!  Singing is actually one of my favorite pastimes. I find myself singing in the shower, humming along to the radio and belting out Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits while driving along in my […]

How i learned to mind my own business

I ran across an article the other day that Andrea Debell had written about separating our thoughts into three categories.  “Insanely useful tips to change your thoughts.” Is the title of her article! I found this article very useful when it comes to happiness.  Have you been sitting there visiting with someone and all of […]

What you can do to be happy right now!

Feed your motivation to happiness. Motivation plays a big role in your success in anything you do or attempt.  If you want to lose weight, control stress or take your workouts to a higher level, you must find and feed your motivation. Motivation and inspiration helps maintain your focus when you hit those valley and […]

Give me a freakin break, money does not buy happiness!

Sorry about this headliner, but they finally got my goat!  It is all over the internet and in the newspapers that if you make $75,000 a year you will be happy.  They finally put a price tag on happiness.  I knew sooner or later someone would find away to do this. Yes, The Associated Press […]

Choose happiness with self-acceptance

I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re all capable of beating up on ourselves.  It’s easy right?  In fact, some of my dearest friends have become exceptionally talented at berating and criticizing themselves whenever the opportunity arises.  They can’t make room for happiness, because they are so focused on negativity and self-doubt. It’s time to change […]

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