Zig Ziglar's Inspirational Quotes

For Valentines day I shall make this post simple; sit back and enjoy this  beautiful movie of quotes from: “Inspirational 365 days a year.”  Inspiration 365   Click on the link above and enjoy.  

What You Can Do To Be Happy Right Now In Your Relationship

Laughter is the best medicine in the world and it is fun too. In this post Dia from “2 Achieve Your Goals” explains why we need to laugh and how yogo laughter can help with this.  Laughter can take away stress, help us relax and make us healthier. It is a known fact that laughter […]

What the Denver Broncos Can Teach Us About Relationships

As the world knows the Denver Broncos came out on top and won the playoff game against Pittsburgh Steelers.  Most of the world thought this was impossible.   All things are possible with the right attitude and working together for a common goal! Are you a believer when it comes to your relationships and happiness? […]

How to Take Charge of Your World in 2012!

Start your year of right by “Never Forgetting” you are the one in charge of your life. Here are some tips that will help you do this: Your Presence is a PRESENT to the world.  After watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” during the Christmas holiday it reminds us how important we are to this world.  […]

The Great Holiday Hoax

  Last night as I was laying in bed I got to thinking how it is politically correct to say Happy Holidays to people rather than Merry Christmas. After thinking about this for some time I decided I didn’t want any part of being politically correct on this matter. In Matthew 26:69 it talks about […]

How to Bounce Back When Adversity Hits Below the Belt

We all have to face adversity in our lives.  Those stressful event that can change our lives forever.  Maybe a loved one dies, our relationship or marriage ends, or the dreaded pink slip and of course natural disaster can occur. Some can find themselves over whelmed and just want to stop the world and get […]

How to Take Charge of Your Confidence!

Rockin’ the Confidence You Don’t Actually Feel  This is a guest post by Jocelyn Anne.   Here’s the thing: the majority of us don’t actually “feel” all that confident most of the time and we tend to think of it as a “thing.”  A thing you either got or you don’t.  We’re pretty sure we […]

15 Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Good Self-Esteem

Many relationships fall apart, because of a partner’s low self-esteem.  When we have low self-esteem in a relationship, we can become jealousy, cling to our partner, fear of them leaving us and feel very insecure in the relationship. To have a strong relationship that is healthy and happy, self-esteem has to be strong. One of […]

How to Embrace Rejection, 6 Tips to Help You Heal

When we have the wrong attitude about rejection it can hurt.  Learn how to handle rejection and be thankful for it. Not too long ago I made a comment on Ken Wert blog, “Meant to be Happy”.  After commenting Ken ask me how I got into blogging.  The truth is after being rejected. Whether it […]

8 Ways to Survive Change in Relationships

One of the hardest things about break ups is the change we have to go through. Life is taking a new direction and we are thrown out of our comfort zone into unfamiliar waters. Here are 8 tips to deal with change when it is thrown your direction wanted or unwanted. Change is a permanent […]

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