The Signs of a Happily Married Couple

Have you ever watched two people really in love?  If you look closely you are going to see the love just flow between the two. Here are the signs of a happy relationship and marriage. The way they look at each other.  You can see in there eye’s the love between them. They are having […]

5 Easy Steps to Develop Lasting Relationships

This is a guest post from Jimmy Tong. You can visit his blog “Life Architects”  where he is doing a series on “25 Elementary Principles for Success in Life”  Treating people with respect wins trust and develops lasting relationships. Whenever we meet someone that seems to be able to connect with us, the greatest mutual […]

7 Warning Signs That You are Being Taken for Granted.

Never saying, Thank You.  If you are not hearing these words daily, you are being taken for granted!  Saying “Thank you”  to someone is letting the other person know that you appreciate what they have done for you.  So come on people be thankful, before that nice person says, “Screw you.” Always doing what your […]

10 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Marriage

 Being nice just makes them love you more.  Yes, I know you have had a long day and you are a little irritable and grumpy, but don’t take it out on the one that loves you the most.  Use the basic manners like, “Please”, “Thank You” and “would you mind.”  If you wouldn’t treat your […]

20 Ways to Stay Married

We get married and think the honeymoon is going to last forever.  Here are 20 ways that will help that marriage last a life time when it feels like the honeymoon is over. After all you don’t want to go through that dating crap again, do you? Never keep any secrets:  Little secrets or big […]

5 Mistakes that Make You Look Cold Hearted When it Comes to Single Mothers!

I received a comment on one of my post “The Shocking Truth When it comes to being a Single Parent” and I think it deserves to be heard. This is the comment: “I’m a single mom of almost 5 years. The journey has been unbelievable hard. 1000 times harder, expensive and longer than I thought.  […]

5 Sister-In-Law Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Witch

In many ways I am glad that I have 3 daughters, so I don’t have to put up with daughter-in-laws.  After having 3 sister-in-laws from, I believe another planet, I opt-out of this form of relationships. Are you a sister-in-law that is an asset to your husband’s family?   Here are 5 signs that you are […]

Can you really trust the older generation?

As we get older people like to say, “You are really set in your ways.” Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What does it really mean?  Does this make you stubborn when you are older or does it make you smarter? Stubborn means: Fixed or set in purpose or opinion. Smarter means:  […]

Get Rid of that Negative Attitude in Your Relationships Once and for All!

Kindness can really make a difference in any relationship.   Here is a short movie to watch that can make your marriage better and greatly improve relationships with family members, friends, co-workers and even the boss.  Isn’t it time to find all the happiness in your relationships that you deserve? When you look back at the […]

How to move on after the Big D

We all know that divorce is not fun, but we can survive it.  Listed are 5 points to remember when going through a divorce. 1.     Grieve: You have permission to grieve after all it is the dying of a very intimate relationship.  The life you have known for 2 to 20 years is over.  You […]

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