How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of Hands

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 Do you ever feel like…

There are some days where you don’t have enough hands to take care of everything when it comes to your kids?

I feel your pain…

As mothers we all have those days.

The days that your kid or kids are driving you crazy…

  •  Maybe with the fighting with siblings
  •  Or making a mess of the house

Whatever you say or do; they aren’t listening or for that matter don’t care…

You just want the world to stop, so you can jump off and never return.

I’m going to let you in on a BIG SECRET that always worked for me.

You see we all have a weapon we can use if we know where to look.

When my kids were born I always knew they were a blessing and I was the one that God appointed to raise them.

(No I am not trying to push religion down your throat.  I haven’t even been to church since my last grand kid was baptized.)

I knew that HE was just intrusting me with them on this planet called earth.  They were really his kids and he was using me to raise them for him.

To make a long story short, whenever I would run into a problem with them that I couldn’t solve I would say my little prayer and wait for an answer to pop into my head.

I have to tell you it works like magic.

Let me give you a few examples…

My 2 older ones were always hitting each other.  They wouldn’t stop no matter what I did or said.  It was freakin driving me crazy.

One day I had enough.

Said my magic pray and low and behold…

Hand cuffs, yes I handcuffed them together and let them hit away.

Guess it took all the fun out it, because they stopped the hitting for good.

Another time…

My littlest one I couldn’t get her potty trained for love or money.

  •   Tried the pretty little panties.
  •   Tried taking her every few hours.

You name it, I tried it.

Last resort I said my little prayer

The very next morning we were getting ready to go to Sunday School and she said, “Mommy I want to go to Sunday School.”

I looked at her and said, “They won’t let you go to Sunday School until you use the potty like a big girl.”

She cried and yes, it broke my heart.

But come Monday morning she gets up and comes to me, “Mommy I want a pair of panties on.”

We got out the panties…

Put them on and that was it.

She was potty trained.  Done deal!

Now I know that there are some of you that may not believe in God like I do, but when you are in a desperate situation, aren’t you willing to try anything?

I know I am

When you have kids you can use all the help you can get at times.

Stop and take a minute to really look at this.

If you are a believer you know that HE loves you (even if you aren’t a believe HE still loves you), so that means HE also loves your kids.


Then why in the h#&& wouldn’t you ask HIM for help when needed?

Aren’t you willing to try?

It also works really well when they hit those teens years.

Those nights when they are out with their friends and you are walking the floor hoping they come home safe and don’t get into any trouble.

All I did was say my prayer and ask HIM to watch over them, since I wasn’t there.

I would go to bed knowing that they were in good hands.

What a relief that was…

Here is a video and song that might make a difference in your days as a mom.

And maybe those gray hairs won’t come as fast.

So what is your take…

Are you willing to try it or are you brave enough to go it alone?





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  1. There are days when I am willing to try ANYTHING. For the most part my kids are usually the good ones, but there are days when I want to pull my hair out. Next time one of those days rolls around I might just try it and see if it works. And, in my opinion, you don’t have to be in church every Sunday to be a believer/follower of God.
    Ana Lynn recently posted…One Word 365: HomeMy Profile

    • Hi Ana Lynn,
      Yes, I know what you mean. Even with those nice kids there are days you just don’t know what to do. I’ll tell you that it really does work. Just ask him to help you out and walk away from them. Let me know what pops into your head and you say, “OK I’ll try that.”
      Thank for letting me off the hook when it comes to going to church. I’m really a slacker on that. i pray every day does that count?
      Thank for sharing and have a wonderful day.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

      • Yes, Debbie, it counts. I have a friend who is a regular in her church and she is pretty active, volunteering and helping her pastors and everything. I will never forget what she told me once: “You know, for someone who doesn’t go to Church at all, you have a whole lot more moral and a true-religious-person attitude than most people I know who only come to Church on Sundays.” So, praying most definitely counts. Your relationship with God is so much more than regularly attending the Sunday Service.
        Ana Lynn recently posted…One Word 365: HomeMy Profile

        • Ana Lynn I have to agree with you. When I was a kid we always went to church (which I am grateful for) and when my girls were small I always got them to church and Sunday school and yes, there were people that never missed a Sunday, but come Monday they would stab you in the back.
          Prayer isn’t meant for just Sunday and neither are good moral values. Like you say, our relationship with God is a daily relationship, not just on Sundays. You have a smart friend.
          Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Oh yes…I think being moms we should try all we can to make things work and better our kids 🙂

    I remember the time when I was trying to wean off my elder one from the feeding bottle. She just wouldn’t be ready to let go of it, until one day I just shifted her milk to the glass bottle and let it drop – and it broke! I just told her that it’s broken and gone, and if she wanted, she’d have to drink her milk from the cup, which she did after a while because she had no choice.

    Sometimes we have to harden ourselves so that we can teach them the right lessons, which is important for Moms especially, and once they grow up, they understand it was all for their own good.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…What Makes a Healthy Relationship WorkMy Profile

    • Hi Harleena,

      Love your story on taking your daughter of the bottle. Great idea. One of mine I told her we had to give them to her baby cousin. She wasn’t real set on the idea, but finally decided sharing was a good idea.
      I love hearing what mothers can come up with when it comes to the little things and habits we have to stop with kids.
      Yes, there are times we do have to harden ourselves to make the changes and the child does not realize how much it hurts us, but we know it is for the better.
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom once again. It is always wonderful to see you. You have a wonderful weekend.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  3. Dear Debbie –

    That is probably the best post you have written. And thank you for the song. I had never heard it before.

    When I am worried about my kids (it gets worse as you get older) I put them in a golden bubble so nothing can harm them.

    I guess that is the same as one pair of hands. Just my way.

    Thank you for this article. You are a blessing.
    Corinne Edwards recently posted…YEA! YOU HAVE A PUBLISHER – Now What?My Profile

    • Hi Corinne,

      Thank you. I had never heard that song before and when I hear it, it reminded me of all those prayers when I had no answers to the problems.
      Yes, as a mother of adult kids I still use them.
      Love the way you put yours in a golden bubble. Hey, that is just like a prayer to me.
      As parents we have to realize and understand there is someone that loves those kids more than we do, even when we think that is not possible.
      Thanks again for being you and making me feel like I do make a difference.
      After all that is my goal.
      Hugs to you and have a wonderful day, also stay warm.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  4. Debbie

    I’m always praying for the safety of my kids (well young adults). I’m really like to think ‘someone’ is looking over us all!

    Andrew recently posted…How To Stay Focused When Working From HomeMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      I like the way you say, ‘young adults’. They do grow up don’t they. One thing I like about it when they are little is you always know where they are. As they grow up I think you pray harder and just have to let go and have faith that you taught them everything they need to know.
      At least as young adults when they fall we do have to be there for them, but we don’t have to kiss the boobs anymore. Just hug them. LOL
      Thanks for sharing and yes, I truly believe someone looks out for us all.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  5. A great post. I raise my kids in the Lord. I pray for them every day and ask God to be a better parent to them. I also use prayer – not as a last resort, but as the first port of call for my concerns.
    Anne recently posted…Find Out If You Think Like A LoserMy Profile

    • Hi Anne,
      “First port of call for my concerns”, I like the way you put that, Anne.
      My heart goes out to parents that don’t look to the the Lord for help. I don’t believe I would ever be able to raise kids on my own.
      I figure that one day I am going to have to face the Lord and I never wanted him to look at me and say, “What were you thinking when I intrusted you with my child or children?” With that said I do ask him to forgive me if and when I messed up. Which according to them as adults was a few time. LOL
      Thank you for the kind words and many God Blessing to you.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  6. Beat Schindler says:

    Hi Debbie, great post, even though you had me confused about God and religion (God doesn’t need explaining, only religion does). But I got it in the end – you’re talking about God.

    Faith is indeed a critical and often overlooked part of raising kids, grand-kids and even yourself. You put it so succinctly, “They were really his kids and he was using me to raise them for him.” It’s so much more do-able when you know you’re not in this all alone.

    • Hi Beat and glad you liked the post. Sorry to confuse you a little about God and religion. You are right, God doesn’t need explained. As for religion as people we make that harder than it needs to be. If as adults we learn to think like a child we are much better off rather than trying to over think it.
      Yes i would hate to think of what kind of parent I would be with out the help from God. That would be like trying to drive when you are blind.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  7. Hi Debbie,

    I really like what you said here… “They were really his kids and he was using me to raise them for him.” I’ve never looked at it like that.

    Just like you, I went to church and Sunday school weekly as a child. But I haven’t been in years (roughly 3 years). I’m a christian.

    To be honest, now I’m older I do believe there is a higher power or being but I’m not 100% sure it is God or Buddha or Allah or any others out there (no disrespect to anyone and their beliefs). I’m just content knowing there is something more powerful out there than us human beings.

    At the risk of my comment turning into ‘The Religious Debate’ I’ll wrap this up quickly! The next time I’m having the… “what should I do now” moment with my kids, I’ll try your method, why not?

    P.S – I read your about page and love the grand kids photos. Don’t you just laugh at the pictures where they genuinely look like butter wouldn’t melt!

    Naomi recently posted…4 Simple Ways to Avoid Business Start Up FailureMy Profile

  8. Hi Naomi,
    I Hope my method works well for you when those little unknown times with your kids hit and you just can’t find the answer or cure.
    Glad you like the pictures on my about page and yes, they can make it look like butter won’t melt. Love the way you put that. When mine were little i loved watching them sleep. They always looked so precious and peaceful. As for the grandkids, now i don’t have to worry about the little things I can just have fun with them. I do say a prayer for there parents at times.
    Thank you for sharing and I believe religion is in the heart not in a building.
    Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  9. I’m learning that sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. Everyone’s kids are different and everyone’s parenting style is different. If it works for you then great!
    Joel recently posted…Why I No Longer Recommend HostGatorMy Profile

    • Hi Joel,
      Boy, Joel you do have it right. Every kid is different. Out of my 3 none of them were the same. What worked for one did not work for another. I do get a charge out of the modern day parenting when it comes to parenting styles.
      Back in the old days (LOL) we didn’t have to put a title on parenting we just parented and all our kids seem to come out ok. (Will most of them anyway.)
      They say this is progress, but I really wander if it is? Just a thought.
      Thank you for stopping by and keep up the good work, because i know you are a good dad.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  10. Debbie, your comment about the teenage years really hit home with me. I have said more than my share of prayers during those years.

    Thanks for a good post and reminder that belief in a higher power can get us through some rocky times.

    Anne recently posted…Is Your Lotion Making You Sick?My Profile

    • Hi Anne,

      Sometimes as I read about the trials and troubles of these young mother with small kids, I think, OH, just wait until they hit those teenage years. As for prayers we do do a lot of praying during that time.
      Thanks Anne and glad to know that you are alive and well after those teen years, that is when the common sense and humor are very handy to have along with the prayers.
      Have a great day,
      Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  11. Hi Debbie,

    Though I’m still single but I’m in kids business. Next time round, when they drive me crazy, I’ll use your secret weapon.

    Let’s hope it works. 🙂
    Raymond Chua recently posted…Tuition in Johor BahruMy Profile

  12. Hi Raymond,
    Let me know when you have to try my secret weapon and how it works for you. I’m just a little curious, is this family member kids or do you work with kids?
    If you have any secrets in how you handle matters at times would love to hear them.
    Have a great day.
    Debbie recently posted…How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of HandsMy Profile

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I loved this post. My family has grown up now, and I recall those times when I felt driven to distraction. However, I always tried to enjoy them, and we did have fun together – as they have told me now they are adults.

    They are children for such a short time, and we have such a huge effect on their lives.

    Your website is such a joy to read.

    Thank you

  14. Trivedi Effect says:

    I’m going to share this one, with my friends you have written well,. thaks for sharing it with us. love to visit you soon!

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