How Are You Playing Russia Roulette With Your Child Life?

If you don’t believe in God this post may cause you nightmares or it could be the eye-opener you have been needing. Are you ready to find out if your jeopardizing your children’s life? OK, here goes… Let’s say there is a Heaven and Hell… Which one would you pick for yourself and your children? […]

How To End Obesity In Children

Teach your child to… Take a minute to think back to when you were a kid. You got up in the morning and ate a whopping bowl of cereal before heading to school. In your sack lunch you had a sandwich, maybe some chips and an apple. Picked up a little milk at the cafeteria. […]

The 7 Great Comebacks for Stupid People Interfering With Your Parenting

My heart goes out to parents these days having to put up with all those arrogant adults that don’t have anything better to do with their time… Than watch parents with their kids or kids playing with each other innocently… And having the ruthless notion that they can judge them or tell them what to […]

How My Heart Bleeds For Mothers In Today’s World

I have to hand it to you mothers today with young kids. I take my hat off to you and your bravery. Why do I say this… Let’s start with the so called parenting styles. We have… Helicopter Parenting…Putting this simple; this is parents that hover over there kids. They overprotect. Attachment Parenting…Created by Dr. […]

How To Triumph While You, A Loved One or Your Child Is Suffering

  A while back I read a post at “Emotional Shadows – Where all emotions are cared for.” Balroop is talking about our faith… In response to my comment Balroop still wanted to know…  ‘Why do good people who have not wronged anybody, suffer?’ Let’s take a good look at a parent and child’s relationship. […]

How Important Is The Sex Of Your Baby To You?

You just found out you are pregnant…Let the good times roll! Motherhood is going to be wonderful, but is it a boy or girl? With today technology in a few months you can find out what the sex of this special little baby is going to be.  The question is, “Do you want to know” […]

How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their Life

How Do You Know That You Are Picking The Right Name For Your Unborn Child? Naming your unborn child maybe one of the hardest decisions you ever make.  You might ask yourself… “If I get this wrong can I or will I ruin my child’s life?” Some kids grow up liking their names, and other […]

Parent Alert: Who Is Really Raising Your Kids?

How Far Is Too Far When It Comes To Protecting Our Kids. The other day I was reading the newspaper and this is what I read… Smoking with Kids in the Car and the Windows Up (was the headliner.) I witnessed parents placing their three little kids in van seats.  Then the father opened a […]

Warning: Grandma Back Off the Rules Have Changed for Grand Kids!

Let’s get with the program Grandma. Times have changed since you raised your kids. There are a whole set of new rules now days and it is called, ‘Modern Day Parenting’. I am not sure whether this is good, bad or indifferent, but the Doctor says, so you better start listening.

I know mothers back in the day didn’t even call the doctor unless the fever was over 104 degree. Times have changed and if you want to get along with the new mommy you have to listen to her and follow her rules.

Here are the 10 rules to follow if you want to watch your grand kid.

Do You recongnize the early warning signs of needing help?

This is really a crazy post, but occasionally it is nice to fall off the deep end a little bite. Here is my problem, I am trying, to make this new e-book to give to all you beautiful people out there, but I have run into a bite of a problem.  I can’t seem to […]

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