I Was Married To A Child Molester And Didn’t Know It

This a hard post to write, but if it can save one child from the horror of being molested it is worth telling. It goes like this… At the time I was coming out of a broken engagement and my heart was searing in pain. I was wounded and vulnerable. Then an extended family member […]

How To Prepare Yourself for Adult Kids Without Using A Rewind Button

“The best time to give children your advice is when they are young enough to believe you know what you are talking about.”  Author unknown You think you have it bad when your kids are little.  Forget the wine you are going to want the hard stuff after they become adults. That’s when the shit […]

A Mothers Worst Nightmare

When My Little Girl Was Abducted I couldn’t comprehend this was happening to me. One minute my little girl is right beside me. The next minute she is gone… I ask myself through tears, “Will I ever see her smiling face again?” I think about the days leading up to this moment … The days […]

The Eye Opening Truth About Mom’s and Why God made Them

I received this email that Doris Lucero sent out and it needs to be shared… I believe. Here are 12 questions that 2nd graders were asked when it comes too… WHY GOD MADE MOMS……… Why did God Make Mothers? Answers… She’s the only one who knows where the scotch tape is. Mostly to clean the […]

Is Death Better Than Being A Single Mother?

Boy, when I was a single mother there were days that I thought dying would be easier.  Than I would look at those little faces and know that I had to survive and keep going no matter how hard things were. Yes, I was a single mother and I have the t-shirt to prove it. […]

Top 15 Reasons For Having Kids

After having kids there are some days we say to ourselves, “What was I thinking; I must have had a brain fart.” And then something funny happens and you stop and think how different life would be if it wasn’t for those little ones that grow up to be big ones and we say, “Yes, […]

Can We Really Trust The Blog ‘Scary Mommy’?

 Here is a very popular blog about mothers and it has thousands upon thousands of readers. I ask myself WHY? After doing a lot of research on this blog I wonder… is it popular, because misery does loves company? Don’t get me wrong, Jill does a lot of good with her blog and has some […]

An Open Letter To Mother’s And Mother’s To Be

I would like to share this story of a mother talking to her daughter about having a child.  The author is unknown, so if by chance anyone knows who I can give credit to please let me know. A Mother’s Story to Her Daughter “We are sitting at lunch one day when my daughter casually […]

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