How Modern Day Parenting Is Gambling With Your Kids Future

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 “Parenthood is a partnership with God…you are working with the Creator of the universe in shaping human character and determining destiny” Ruth Vaughn

Are you really in control of your kids character and determined destiny anymore or have you turned that over to society?

Here is a report about a kid not being able to take his chosen pack back to school.

They say it is encouraging others to bully him.

What they are really teaching him is that he has to conform to others and can’t be himself.

Why not teach the freakin bullies making fun of him that they need to get a life and enjoy the difference in people.

And yet here is another one of a Colorado girl being booted out of school for supporting a friend with cancer.

She shaved her head so her friend wouldn’t feel as bad about not having her hair, because of her cancer treatment.

Here is another one from Florida.  11 year old girl sent home with a Fat Letter.  Give me a freakin break, does this 6th grader really look over weight?

What hell is going on?

Society is telling parents….

  1. What your kids can eat
  2. What your kids can say
  3. What your kids have to wear.
  4. How you have to discipline them.

 You have a new baby and the next thing you know they are telling you how your newborn stacks up with their percentiles.

What they are really telling you is that the minute your new baby is born he or she could be ABNORMAL when it comes to there standards.

(I have never seen 2 babies come out the same unless they are identical twins.)

You take your baby in for their monthly and yearly checkups…

The good old doc is telling you that your baby is to short, to tall, to fat or too thin or if you are lucky ‘your baby is JUST RIGHT’.

Sounds like they are blacklisting your baby like you would a  dry Turkey on Thanksgiving.

Maybe they are slow in walking, talking or even crawling.

You’re told…

You better get them in therapy ASAP or they are going to be behind there peers.

If I was a parent of today’s younger generation I would tell them  were they could put their opinions, unless I seen a real problem.

What happened to the days where you raise your kid without everyone else’s opinion?

You took them to the doctor for their checkup.  They were weighed, measured, the doc feels around here and there moving their arms and legs.

Looks in the eyes, ears and throat and tells you…

 ‘Looks like they are doing great.”

See you in another year.  (Yes, they did get there vaccinations)  We wouldn’t even thought of opt-out on vaccinations back then.

  • Are we as a society giving away our parenting rights?
  • Are we listening to others too much?

kids charaters 6What about the gifted and talented….

Isn’t this putting a label on a kid?

And think about the poor kid that is a day dreamer like Walt Disney.  He or She is labeled as a loser right away.

 All people are different and that means all children are different, wouldn’t you say?

They all have…

  • Their own personalities
  • Their own looks
  • Their own talents

Can you imagine a world where children walk around looking and acting all the same?

They’re just little robots with no mind of their own…

Is it time to hit the delete button…

And let kids be kids and stop putting so much stress on them about who they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be?

Maybe there is advantages to being a single mom, you don’t have time to worry about what everyone thinks or says, you have your own worries to keep you busy.

(This isn’t saying that 2 parent households  always have more time on their hands, they just have more help in getting things done and kids taken care of)

There is no time to read all the books on parenting.  Worry about being a good or bad parent…

Read Facebook and see all the mothers showing off there perfect little families.

You have things to do and places to go and no help in site.  Maybe you are the lucky ones after all!

You know that there is no way your kid’s going to be a robot, because it doesn’t matter what they say you are supposed to feed your kids…

They eat what you have.

They wear what clothes you do have for them.

They are happy being with mom when they can be.

With that said…

Do you go along with modern day parenting and all the gobbledygook or are you brave enough to suck it up and dare to be different in raising your kids?

Be a hero and share your spectacular opinion in the space below.









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  1. Dear Debbie –

    Have faith in our kids. They will make it fine.

    Do you remember the bobbysockers?

    That older generation thought we were damned.

    And Woodstock? And the flower children?

    And the Beatles? How we bewailed that long hair?

    And now hip hop.

    A good example from parents will ignore it all and trust that this too will pass.

    Who ever thought we would be giving advice on our blogs?

    We were wierdos.
    Corinne Edwards recently posted…YOUR BOOK NEEDS PUBLICITY – How To Get ItMy Profile

    • Hi Corinne,
      Thanks Corinne for bringing back the memories. I think there were times our parents thought we had totally lost it and would never recover. We sure did have fun even if we were considered weirdos.
      It is amazing what kids can survive. And they will survive.
      You are right i never in my wildest dream thought i would ever be giving advice over the internet. I’m still waiting for the flying cars.
      have a great day and hugs to you,
      Debbie recently posted…How Modern Day Parenting Is Gambling With Your Kids FutureMy Profile

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Lovely post, as always 🙂

    Yes, most parents nowadays expect SO much out of their kids that it often surprises me. Kids are admitted on a waiting lists in schools when they are still in their mothers womb! Isn’t that the limit? But such are the parents who plan so much ahead for their kids!

    Just as the examples you gave of parents and children, where do the parents let the kids be as kids? They are now almost like little adults and have to do a great deal more than a child of their age. The expectancy out of kids is much more than what it was when we were kids, isn’t it? They have to deal with parental pressure, their school teachers and friends and a lot more.

    I wish parents would change their attitude and let kids live their lives, a little of their own also. Yes, guide them on the right path, teach them the right from wrong, but then, you also need to give them space and let them be!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…6 Time Saving Tips to Avoid Being Overworked [Infographic]My Profile

    • Hi Harleena,
      Thanks for adding to the post Harleena and yes, kids are put on a waiting list for preschool over here too. Totally amazing.
      My heart does go out to this generation of little ones. They just can’t be kids anymore.
      I wonder how they will raise there kids when the time comes.
      Thank you for stopping and sharing your thoughts of wisdom.
      Hope you are having a very nice week, mine is good.
      Debbie recently posted…How Modern Day Parenting Is Gambling With Your Kids FutureMy Profile

  3. Hello Madam Debbie,
    Let me first of all recommend you this interesting piece. I am not yet a father but this is something I am not in anyway going to forget these.

    Thanks for those lovely insights!

  4. John Addison says:

    Hi Debbie
    First of all i would like to tell you that Ruth Vaughn had written a Marvelous quote.No doubt ,parents are like machine who gives shapes to human character for their better future.But indeed ,there is always exception in every thing ,now it had came in Modern parents.May god bless all new babies.
    Thanks for sharing .

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