The Most Mind Blowing Thing Parents Can Do For Their Children.. And It Is Easy

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loving your kids

  • Give them everything they ever want or need.
  • Speak to them softly.
  • Always give them choices
  • Do all those little things that modern day parenting teaches you too.


Just kidding, but at the same time we are always wanting our kids to have a better childhood than we THINK we had.

You know how to give them the best childhood every?

BE Happy… when the parent is happy and has a positive outlook on the world, your kid is going to feel the same way.

Being happy makes ever challenge easier when raising kids.

Happiness comes from LOVE, so here is what you do…

Don’t just tell them…”I Love You.”

Show them the love by your actions.  Actions speak louder than words!

What do I mean by actions?

They want to feel safe.
They want to feel the love.
They want to feel heard.

The key word in those 3 lines is FEEL.

As a parent if you have a negative attitude, your kid is going to follow your lead.

And we all know that a negative attitude does not make for happy people.

 Ask yourself…. Am I a happy person?

  • Do I like who I am?
  • Do I feel like every day is a new beginning?
  • Do I see the positive in the world?
  • Do I laugh a lot and know how to have fun?

Happy parents enjoy life and see it as a journey.  It is like eating a strawberry and enjoying every morsel; the sweetness of it, with just a faint of tart.  (Thinking about it makes ones mouth water.)

When parents are happy and enjoy life; kids are going to see the sun shine in your behavior and follow your lead. (Love shines through when you are happy.)

Remember back in your own childhood and ask yourself…

Did I feel loved?

I remember in my childhood feeling the love.  We were pretty dare poor, but I always felt the love and felt safe.

In the era that I grew up in; the words ‘I love you’ were not spoken much or at all, but I always knew by my parents actions that I was loved.

Many parents feel that when they go buy things for their kids that this is showing them love.  They may be able to snuggle up with that stuffed animal on a cold winter night, but let’s face it; it isn’t going to hug your child back.

Say you are home and you have bought a very expensive toy for your child, but you’re sitting there on the couch with cell phone in hand reading your email or Face book.  Your child comes over to you and wants your attention.  You look at them and say, “Go play with your new truck/ princess doll, mommy is busy.”

What are you teaching your child?  That you bought that toy, so they would leave mom alone.

Yes, they like the toy, but they LOVE mom.

Love cannot be bought or sold.  It is an emotion that runs deep and every human needs to feel it.
What happens when a person feels loved?

They want to please that person.
They want that person to be proud of them.
They want to be the best they can be.
They are going to be a happier person.

Yes, there are many things parents go through while raising a child, but half the battle is that a child knows and feels the love through actions and your happiness.

So, what actions can you take so your kid feels that love?loving you kid







I’m going to be brutally honest here, so ‘Don’t tell anyone.’

  •  Don’t spoil your child.  Kids test parents every day and know how to put us on a guilt trip.  Make them earn things they want (Not need) instead of handing them the silver platter.
  •  Be firm with them.  If you say NO stick to it.  Don’t back down.
  •  Don’t let them form bad habits.  Like being rude to others or you. Lying…if you catch them in a lie confront them.  Saying hurtful things to others.  Not picking up after themselves.  As a parent you are not there servant.
  •  When they make a mistake help them learn from it.  Don’t put them down in front of others.  They have feeling too.
  •  Sometimes we have to let them go and feel the pain.  Be there for them when they are hurting without judging them.
  •  Let them know what you expect out of them without the nagging.  It is amazing how there hearing goes when you nag.
  •  Always take the time to answer their questions.  Even when they are small and ask; ‘WHY’ ever other sentence.  And remember no question is stupid; it is a way of learning.
  •  Always try to be consistent.  With praise or punishment.  Consistent bed times are good, especially for kids in school.
  • Listen to their fears.  You may think they are silly, but to them they are real.  Be understanding.
  • Let them know when you have messed up.  They need to know that parents make mistakes too.  And don’t forget to say ‘I’m sorry’ when needed.
  • And when they say ‘I hate you’ smile because you know you’re doing a good job of parenting.  This is normal, so let them know.
  • Last of all ALWAYS give them Love and Understanding.  They are learning new things everyday and sometimes it can overload them.

By the way if you want to save your sanity in the years to come; Start using these tips right from the get go.  Even babies are smarter than we realize.

After all doesn’t a baby learn real quick…the louder they cry the faster you are going to run?

With these tips you are going to be ruling the home, not your kid.  And this is going to make for a happy parent and home.

So, are you picking up what I am laying down?  Are your actions letting your kids know how much you really love them?

P.S. If there are any grammar or clerical errors in this post, sorry I only got c’s in English, please feel free to let me know about them in the comment box.  After all I wouldn’t want you to think I was perfect.  That could be such a letdown when you learn the truth.




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  1. Hi Debbie,

    Oh yes…you can do a lot more for your kid’s than meets the eye. It amazes me when parents think that buying expensive gifts, or taking them where they want and getting them what they ask for would end their parental responsibilities, or bring happiness to their kids. Yes, it does because the kids get what they want, but that happiness is very short-lived, isn’t it?

    As a parent, you need to shower your kids with love – and lots of it! Yes, you are right – SHOW them the love, and that happens with your actions, deeds, words, and your ways. I couldn’t agree more with you about this for sure, and it’s something that’s always worked for me too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…15 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips For Men and WomenMy Profile

  2. Thanks Harleena for reaffirming that love is the most important part of raising kids. When you feel loved you are happier, I don’t care how old you are. Love does make the world go round.
    When a parent shows there love through material things, a child is going to grow up thinking that is what love is and not learn the real feeling of love.
    Thanks again and hugs to you.
    Debbie recently posted…The Most Mind Blowing Thing Parents Can Do For Their Children.. And It Is EasyMy Profile

  3. I have just found your website and I think its just fab!

    I genuinely LOVE this article. Do you know that I’ve never tweeted an article before so you shall be my first my dear!

    I think you just really hit the nail on the head with ‘be happy for your children and they will grow up happy, feeling loved and safe’. Absolutely. I did not grow up in that kind of environment and, boy, did I form some negative beliefs about the world!

    I hope that thousands of people read this and start putting it into action.

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Great post. What you said about developing a positive attitude is extremely important to me. A negative attitude only holds you back – and who wants that for their child?

    My eldest son has a habit of using the words DON’T and CAN’T .

    “I don’t like this and I can’t do that”.

    I’ve always encouraged him and whatever he claims he CAN’T do, after a minute or two of positive reinforcement he is normally successful.

    As for the DON’TS I now reply by saying “tell mummy what you DO like and not what you DON’T”. It seems to be working and it’s a much pleasurable conversation to have.

    Thanks again,

    Naomi recently posted…7 Reasons Why Any Business Start-up Must Have a WebsiteMy Profile

    • Good for Naomi. Don’t and Can’t are two words that we really have to concentrate on when raising kids. When used they can struggle for a life time.
      I always enjoyed Mary Kay Ashes book where she talks about how her mother always told her, “You Can.” When ever she feared something her mother always reinforced that ‘You can do this.”

      Telling mummy what you do like is great. That way he is going to form a positive habit instead of negative.

      Thank you Naomi for sharing what you are doing.

      Debbie recently posted…How Santa Explains Himself and Puts The Real Miracle Back In ChristmasMy Profile

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