I'm Having a Real Challenge to Stay Happy…

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Here I am trying to tell all my readers how to be happy and I’m being put to the challenge today.    

I know it is one of those days were I just want to feel sorry for myself.  Maybe have what I call a pity party.  I try to allow myself 10 minutes for a pity party then I better get over it, underneath it or around it.

Here’s what is going on.  My youngest daughter is do any day to have her baby.  It is her first, so that is pretty exciting.    I call her every day if she hasn’t called me to see how she’s doing.  Her sisters call her to check on the situation.  I’m really happy for her that so many people care and are excited about this upcoming even.

Here is the problem; when I was having my first baby and even the two after that, know body was calling me to see how I was doing.  My parents lived in another state, but I had sibling that lived in the same city as I did.  They didn’t bother to call and check on me.

Now I am trying hard to put this in perspective.  First I know my family back then didn’t show a lot of emotions (which they still don’t).  I think I am the only one in the family that isn’t scared to show my emotion.  When my babies were born it was kind of like I was by myself.  Their father didn’t even get excited.  Now I know that part of this is my own fault, because of the chooses I made back then.  It still hurts a little though.

I think it is so sweet the way their husbands take care of them when their pregnant and what an important role they play in upcoming even.  It’s really cool!  I missed out on all that good stuff, partly because of myself and my chooses, but it still hurts.

What I’m going to do is be thankful that I am different then my parents; when it came to these family matters and glad that her sisters were raised different then I was.  We can’t go back in time, but we can change the future by how we respond in the present.

The main thing that I do when I am having an unhappy day is read or listen to something positive or motivational.  I shall end my story for today and go listen and read one of my inspirational books.  This one really helps me when I need lifted up.  If you need lifted up today just click on the link,  One Solitary Life. Hope it helps you as much as it helps me too know how every lucky I am.  If that one doesn’t help look around these are absolutely beautiful books and movies.

With that said, I want to thank you for listening to me.  And yes, I do have some bad days or even sad days.  And that is ok, because I am not made of stone; I am human and can hurt just like the rest of you.

Thank again for listening to me.  It always helps to have someone to talk to that listens.  I’ll let you know when the baby comes and if it is a boy or girl.  The parents wanted that to be a surprise, which is nice.

I’ll go change my unhappy into happiness within.

let me know about your bad or sad days.  It helps to talk and be listened too.

Just me
Debbie Dee

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  1. well during my down times i spend it watching inspirational shows or something that will back my senses which i can think positively. I remember when my younger sister gave birth in her first baby, all of us were really exited on her, yes she is a girl, my whole family especially I and my other siblings are over protected to her, a new angels was sent here by Him. And whenever i saw a little kid or baby I used to think of my niece, i really love children, It’s just so sad that i can’t have it right now because me and my partner were busy at this moment.

    • We all make choices in life. If we are making the wrong choice and find we are sad, it is good to take a look at those choices and figure out what our priorities are. when priorities are straight with who we are life is much happier. Are you really living the life you want to be living? Sounds like maybe you aren’t, but i guess you know best.
      Blessing to you,

  2. ms Debbie, yes I am! but I’m a bit confuse.. If the time comes that I will be a mother, really don’t
    know what to do? I just love the thinking of being a mother soon, but I’m not yet ready for the
    resposibility of being one..
    I still have a lots of thoughts, the reason maybe we can’t make it right now. Does I sounds funny?
    vernice recently posted…Miroir sur piedMy Profile

    • Hi Vernice,

      I am not sure whether you are going to be a mother soon or it is something that you are thinking about. If you are going to be a mother for the first time, yes it can be scary, but when you see that little one for the first time all those motherly instincts just kick in and you will be fine. Love does over ride the fear. The one thing that you have to remember is patience and when the going gets rough with a little one, know when to walk away and regroup.

      If you aren’t going to be a mother soon, but are thinking about it you will know when it is the right time. If you are trying to have a baby, but nothing is happening and there isn’t a medical problem, just relax and start enjoying everyday and try to stop worrying about it. Nature has a way of doing things in its on time. When we get up tight about things we hold mother nature back. Laughter always helps when we are worried, so have some fun with your partner and enjoy the moment you are in.
      I hope this helps and blessing to you. If I am miss understand you let me know.

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