How to Live A Good Life

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This is a guest post from Jason Anthony“Jason is an individual refinement and growth expert whose philosophy is“Become a person of high character, integrity, quality and truth, and your life will be respectively enriched.” 

 Do you know what it means to live a good life? 

 Each of us is so unique and holds a variety of meaning and values behind our life.  You might get ten different answers if you asked ten individuals this question.

 Really, there is no right or wrong answer.  It is a common belief is that we must be rich or wealthy in order to have a good life.  However the richest person is not necessarily the one with the biggest bank account. 

 There was a point in my life where I was a broke and struggling financially to make ends meet.  My vehicle was totaled in an accident, and soon after I lost my job.   Usually those events represent the worst of times for many but I had never been happier.  

 While money plays an important role to all of us, and can grant you a certain amount of freedom, it is not everything.  True fulfillment would come from what you do with your financial wealth. 

 Back then, I had such a clear definition of what was important to me, that no amount of money could make me feel wealthier and I came out a much more complete person as a result. 

 There will come a point in time where we all reach the end of the road.  It’s my belief that if we are able to look back and be comfortable and grateful for what we did with our time, then we’ve found what truly means to live a good life.  We’ve found the happiness and fulfilment that everyone deserves.

 If by chance we take that moment to reflect and we are filled with fear and regret, then we may have missed out on a few things along the way.  So an even better question to ask you would be, “What’s my definition of happiness?”

Your Definition Of Fulfillment Determines Your Answer

In order to be fulfilled and happy, we must know what our own definition of it is.  Think about what it is that you feel would complete you.  What are the matters of most importance to you?  What are the milestones you wish to accomplish?

 For some it may be the attainment of great financial wealth, for others it may be something like starting a business or charity, providing a service to others, or even finding that special someone and raising a family.

 Start by being specific as possible when it comes to setting your life goals and dreams and it will make it much easier for you to acquire them.  We all have very genuine skills and talents that are unique to us which we can use along the way.

Timeless Attributes Of A Good Life

In my opinion there is so much more that is vital to your happiness and fulfillment than any one thing, and I’d like to share with you what it is I believe constitutes a special time here on this earth. 

 1) Action

 Whether physical or mental, action is what you do and how you live your life.  Its what you partake in and how you produce.  Want to have great results?  Participate in the practice of great action.   When you apply action to a thought or idea, your results can be remarkable.

 Be present and embrace every moment with as much as you can.  Your personal and professional lives are directly influenced by the amount of action you take (or do not take).

 2) Connections And Friendships

 With the right amount of action we will start to form and develop our connections.  The people around you represent an immense portion of your life. 

 We all have different circles or levels of connections with a variety of people.  Your friends and family, your spouse or love of your life, your children, and your co-workers all make up important social connections. 

 One of the easiest ways to develop any relationship is to offer it your undivided time and attention.  In doing so you create special bonds and within them is where you will find very significant meaning.

 3) Lifestyle And Culture

 A very immense part of life is enjoying it!  Its here for us right now, so why not make the most out of it while you can?  There are many different ways we can give and take to get the full experience life has to offer.

 Express gratitude for what you have and make it a point to help others.   One of the most fulfilling things we can experience is lending a hand to someone and doing it not for gain, but because it is just.

 Also, be fascinated and relish in the culture and different styles of life this world has to offer.  You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the cuisine or art from the different corners of the globe.  Most cities are flourishing with an array of choices to explore.

 I know these simple ideas have helped me greatly in my own quest for personal refinement.  It is my sincere hope that perhaps you’ve read this and it helped to foster an idea or two, that may just stick with you for quite some time.

 Jason Anthony is the founder ofEvenMinds.  He shares time-tested principles and ideas with others so they might be inspired to design an extraordinary life for themselvesVisittodaytodiscovermoreactionstepstoenhanceyourHealth, Wealth, andLove.

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  1. Thank you, Debbie! I appreciate the opportunity to share here, it is truly an honor 🙂

  2. Dear Jason –

    I have also had a series of bad news in my family – all in a 10 day period. At first, it really floored me. I was very shaken.

    But somehow, when things settle down, you come to a place of acceptance and you realize that life goes on anyway.

    The most important thing I have found consoling is that I have concentrated on gratitude. Almost force yourself to think that way.

    I believe that is the central message in your excellent post. Thanks.

    • Hi Corrine!

      Habits are formed through repetition and many, including myself, have spent lifetimes repeating the same old behaviors and actions, resulting in the same results.

      While it is certainly OK to embrace the negative and bad, we must not allow ourselves to be ruled by it. Having a strong foundation of gratitude and thankfulness is a choice and one we must actively make 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your story and comments!

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Corinne,

      I to know that bad things can hit all at once. You are right Corinne when concentrating on the things to be grateful for. This can make a world of difference in surviving some times. Hugs to you sweet lady and have a great day.
      Blessings always to you,

  3. As you indirectly point out in your excellent post, most people who live “bad” lives – lives they secretly or openly hope to escape – typically commit not just one but several of the steps on the 12-step program to losing.

    Step 1 on the 12-step program to losing, related to “Your Definition Of Fulfillment Determines Your Answer”, consists of not having the balls to dream, or if you dare, to be unprepared to do what it takes. Step 2, related to “Action”, upon realizing that being successful requires much work, returning to being a loser. Step 3, related to “Connections And Friendships”, knowing that “B1” is the best vitamin for friendship, but not taking it daily. Step 4, related to “Lifestyle And Culture”, the belief that gratitude consists of judging life in terms of “good” and “bad”, then be grateful for the good – as if asking to be grateful for life – all of life – was asking too much (as if anyone were asking).

    You’re right, it takes program to winning, and action – lots of it. Competition IS ruthless. Life IS difficult. Trading a “bad” life for a “good” one will never be a milk run. Expecting the world will treat you fairly just because you’re now a good person is as foolish as expecting the lion not to attack you just because you’re now a vegetarian. Reality, too, plays its part in “A Good Life”.


    • Absolutely, Beat! By repeating the same errors and mistakes, we will continue to get the same results. They may not know or realize the steps that you’ve mentioned at first, but those actions will lead them downward. Thank you very much your thoughtful comment 🙂

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Beat,

      This goood, ” Expecting the world will treat you fairly just because you’re now a good person is as foolish as expecting the lion not to attack you just because you’re now a vegetarian.” Life sometimes does not treat us fairly, but it is the attitude and response to it that really makes the person. When we react to life,what we get back depends on that reaction.
      Thanks Beat and blessings always,

  4. Wow, I don’t really know how to add to that. I think my favorite part was point 3: enjoy life. I’m so often frustrated with my boys because they’re not enjoying the now…they’re spending too much time being anxious for the future. Enjoy the now! You’re not going to get it again. If only there was a shot that I could give them that would increase their wisdom on this issue. 🙂

    • I’m working on bottling some sort of tonic for this, Amy 😉

      Not sure how old your boys are, but as a father myself its clear that children are very forward thinking, which is a good thing because it seems as we get older that drive and hunger takes more effort to maintain. However (as you put it) getting them to embrace the now can be tricky, a good way to do this is to get their feedback in the moment when you have them. Whats this like for you? How does this make you feel? Would you do anything different about this?

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • I have two 13-year-olds and two 9-year-olds. All very interested in getting older as fast as they can. I do not approve! Well. I approve of the improving maturity part, but not the “growing to the point of leaving home” part.

        We just keep talking to them about how life can be so fleeting, and remind them to enjoy what they’re doing while they can, since they’re only going to be this age once. They appear to listen, so that’s good.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Amy,

      To children life is like a book. There is always another page to read and they can’t get to that next page quick enough. They see life as a long road that needs to be traveled and they don’t want to slow down until they get there. They have a lot to learn and see. What they are doing is exploring there world and this is a good thing.

      They always look forward to the future. I remember as a kid always looking forward to Christmas or my birthday. I enjoyed the day I was in, but that next holiday I knew was full of excitement. The future is there excitement and they learn by doing it there way and we as parents try to guide them the best we can.

      Remember this as adults we have learned to enjoy the moment and day, because we have learned how quick life can change, but at the same time if we have a special vacation coming up we look forward to it.
      Your boys are going to be just fine, Amy. Keep up the good work
      Blessings to you,

  5. Jason,

    It’s how we react to what comes our way, which determines our happiness.

    Research shows us, on overage, we face 27 things that we did not expect to happen.

    If we decide to be miserable because it’s raining and the forecast was sunny…that’s down to us!

    Of course there are things that do happen to us which can make us sad and being happy is almost impossible and that’s when your friends can help and be supportive.


    • Definitely, Andrew. It surprising how many individuals use external factors, like the weather to gauge their mood or level of happiness. Its being reactive vs. proactive, and you’re right, there are certainly going to be sad and hard times for us all, and that’s perfectly OK. We have to accept them and let them affect us (but not rule us). The BIG difference is in what we do about them after the fact.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Andrew,

      Good job at putting things into perspective. Are the 27 things we don’t expect in a life time? I haven’t been counting, but though maybe I was through with my 27. LOL

      When those sad things do happen, having the support team really does make a difference and something positive always comes shining through. Makes you stronger and brings people together.
      Blessings to you and thanks,

  6. Very well said.

    You remind me of one of my happiest moment when I was care free during the downside of my life.

    I choose to be very happy AND rich.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Raymond,

      Many times people will find that happiness when they are on the downside of life. Thank you for sharing this.
      When we are happy this does indeed make up rich.
      Blessing to you,

  7. Yes, a lot of it is has to do with letting Go and letting God. There is so much truth in fining a good life, by simply adopting more of this care free attitude. Wonderful post on how to live a good life! Love it.

    • Debbie Bills

      Thanks for stopping by. Nice to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words I appreciate them. When life is simply we do have a care free attitude. WE KNOW THAT TIME CAN BE SHORT SO LET’S HAVE SOME FUN AND ENJOY THE SIMPLE PRESURES AND HAVE A GOOOOOD LIFE.

      You take care and blessings to you,

  8. Hello
    Great post – very inspiring. Thank you!
    For most people, finding happiness is like a goal of life. And trying to achieve this goal makes life less simple and more complex. But I feel that the more you are looking the less chance you have finding it. Happiness is not something that can be found, happiness is something that can be felt. People should stop looking around and should start looking inside of themselves. Happiness is a feeling that is inside you and the only thing you have to do is find it. Happiness is a state of mind that is powered by your inner feelings. Find those feelings and you find happiness.
    Best regards and lots of good posts for the future.
    Ms Happy aka Mia

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Happy,

      I loike that. Yes, happiness is a state of mind and the more you look for it the harder it is to fine. We we look in our own back yard we will find happiness, but when we start searching for it outside of our own life it will not be there.

      To me happiness is so easy, I just can’t figure out why everyone isn’t happy.
      Thank you for sharing your ideas and wisdom.
      Blessings to you and my you always be blessed with much happiness.

  9. Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!

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