How to have a great day while you take a shower and get ready in the morning!

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by jurvetson

This morning while taking my shower and getting ready for the day I was thinking about; how grateful I was for the things that I had at my disposal.

Toothbrush and toothpaste:  If I didn’t have this toothbrush and toothpaste my mouth would feel like a herd of elephants had invaded it.

Clean Water:  Have to love that warm water running all over your head and body. It feels so refreshing in the morning.  In the winter time it just makes the bathroom all cozy with the steam.

Washing your hair:  I am just so grateful for the shampoo and conditioner to make my hair smell so clean and look so fresh!

Body soap:  All those soap bubbles with that nice fragrance making me feel squeaky clean. How refreshing can you get?

Bath towel:  It is wonderful to step out of that shower and wrap that soft warm bath towel around you.  The softness of it as you dry yourself off and get the extra water out of your freshly cleaned hair.

Blow Dryer and Curling Iron:  Some may remember the days when you had to wash your hair the night before and hoped it got dry by morning.  And sleeping in those rollers, now I have the curling iron.  Got to love that! I just plug them in blow my hair dry and put in a little curl with the curling iron and away I go.

 Little lotion:  That nice lotion to put on the body and arms and legs makes you feel so soft.  Can’t beat that!

 Little antiperspirant under the arms can go a long way.  It smells clean and keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

Wow a closet with clothes to pick from:  What a great problem to have to figure out what to wear for the day.  For myself I like the pastel colors.  Always make me feel good.

As you are getting ready for a NEW day; think of all the blessing you have right in front of you?  Ask yourself how your life would be if you didn’t have these blessing at your finger tips.

Yes, you may be having some problems that need solved, but when we start being grateful for the little things it is amazing how life can change.

Now I want you to visualize what your life would be like if you did not have accesses to the things you use in your morning ritual. 

See you are having a better day than you thought.

With the right attitude at the beginning of the day our relationships with others well flourish.

I realize gentlemen that your morning ritual is a little different, so concentrate on those little things you use in the morning and be grateful.

And of course that cup of coffee in the morning just closes the deal!

P.S.  Now sharing the shower with that partner when time allows  realllly puts the icing on the cake for your morning attitude.   (WARNING: small showers can be hazardous to your health.)





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  1. Dear Debbie –

    All the luxuries you describe are not really so new.

    Not so long ago, many homes in our country still had outhouses.

    I have a friend whose mother would not install an indoor toilet until the 70’s. She lived on a farm in Tennessee.-

    They still exist even though most people have modern plumbing

    Their old locations, now many years covered over, are sought after by a new profession called privy diggers.

    My son was approached by a few since his house was built in the late 1800’s. They agreed. It is amazing whart was covered up in these old outhouses. No garbage pick up so everything was thrown in the hole before they dug a new one.

    The deal is that the owner gets half of the priceless glassware, old perfume bottles, bottles of extinct medications – even old beautiful chamber pots and false teeth. They sell well on Ebay.
    When you think about it – that was not so long ago.

    Another reason to be thankful that we all have the opportunity to have pluming , hot showers and fluffiy towels.

    Think about that one.
    Corinne Edwards recently posted…LOVE ON THE ROCKS – Bad Relationships – Good Endings – now on AmazonMy Profile

    • Hi Corinne,

      Wow I bet there are many treasure in some of those out houses. Thank you for the new information.

      I did live in a 4 room house with an out house until I was in the 7th grade. We did burn our trash instead of putting it down the hole. (Back then burning trash was ok). Of course I did live on a farm.

      Thank you for bring it to peoples attention that there are still people in this country that do not have the modern convinces that we take for grated daily. I even think about the people that have been hit by the tornadoes this week. They are wondering where and when they will get there next shower.
      Thanks again Corinne for the great information about the buried treasures. Amazing
      Hugs and blessing to you,

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Well, without all that stuff, I image I would be pretty stinky 🙂 But all jokes aside, We really need to be grateful those items you mentioned. Even thought their small to us, Other people in poor countries would love to have those things available in an instant like we have it. Your article made me feel so blessed.

    • Hi Vic,

      Yes, we could get pretty stinky. LOL I am very glad that the article made you feel blessed, because as I use those items that is how I feel too!
      thank you for stopping by and it is always good to hear from you,.

      Blessing to you Vic and have a wonderful day,

  3. Hi Debbie,
    A wonderful, fuzzy, feel good, little delight you have scripted here…thankyou.
    be good to yourself

  4. Nancy Shields says:

    Oh the luxuries that we have – we can take them for granted but I chose to be grateful….

    The coffee well that’s a treat in itself – I put a little Kahlua roast with regular roast coffee and I am truly grateful for a divine cup of coffee –

    Then to take it to the next level – I love when my coffee is made for me – BLISS!!

    Thank you for these reminders of gratitude,
    Living in an attitude of gratitude,

    • Hi Nancy,

      Sounds like a great cup of coffee, Nancy. I am going to try that. I usually just take my coffee plain, but i do have a coffee pot that is set to make coffee before i get out of bed.
      Have to be very grateful for that. I remember when you had to wait for it to perk for ages.

      You are right live with an attitude of gratitude and life is wonderful.
      Thank you for sharing your coffee.
      Blessing always dear friend,

  5. I just read an historical novel about the war in Biafra. In the story, a somewhat prosperous family copes with a series of losses in their lifestyle, at each stage losing something they took for granted. By the end, the whole family is living in one room, in a place with no plumbing, no clean water, not enough food, and oh yes, bombs are dropping on them from airplanes. Their daughter is dying of starvation. It’s dirty and smelly, and they are surrounded by death.

    Like you, I sometimes just marvel at all the blessings I experience before my day even gets started. I wake up and can see. I can breathe easily. I can get out of my comfortable bed. I turn on the heat. I open the fridge and get out cold fresh orange juice. And so on. How wonderful for you to remind us to be mindful of all the grace that pours over us every day.

    • Hi Galen,

      Yes, life is wonderful and it is important to be grateful for what we have. It can all change very quickly. With all the tornadoes this last week we are very fortune.

      We had been having trouble with our furnace and had it schedule to get a new one installed. The day before they were to put it in the old one died. I was very grateful when the new on kicked on. The house was 50 degrees by then. Very pretty sound to my ears when I heard it.

      Thank you for sharing the story about the war in Biafra. Have a wonderful day and my you always be blessed.

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Starting our day with positivity and gratitude does have a positive impact on us and on our relationship. I personally have a gratitude list that I go over in the morning. This helps to relax me and puts me in a state of appreciation. I like your list as you focus on even the small things that many people tend to forget. Thanks for sharing my friend

    • Hi Dia,

      You are welcome, Dia. I like the idea of a gratitude list to go over in the morning. Sounds like a great idea. My only problem is that I am terrible when it comes to list. I always forget where I put it. I make one for the grocery store and than go off an forget it.

      This is something I can always work on, thanks for the reminder.
      Blessing to you and have a wonderful day.

  7. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for the reminder that we can be grateful for the everyday things that we often take for granted. Our kitchens as well are examples of so many more conveniences than they had not that long ago. It’s always good to remember how truly lucky we are. Take care.
    Cathy recently posted…5 Non 12 Step Recovery Options (Part 2)My Profile

    • Hi Cathy,

      Yes, it is wonderful to remember how darn lucky we really are. When i hear people complaining or blaming it just makes my blood boil just a little. life is short, but wonderful with the right attitude and knowing you are blessed with the little things that make life easier, so you have time for the fun things.
      Thank you for sharing and blessing sent your way always,’

  8. hi debbie,,,,
    i always use to take a bath after waking up…and this helps me to feel comfortable and fresh….
    and sometimes when i miss the routine…i feel differerent and uncomfortable…
    every body has some routines which are necessary for their daily life…

    awesome article….

  9. Hi Debbie,
    first of all How are you?
    Again you came with such a nice article related to making our whole day good. As you mentioned the bath room full of steam in winters sounds very nice, it created a picture of winter days in my mind. I really missed those days and waiting for winters again. Taking shower early in the morning makes the whole day perfect and full of freshness.
    Prakash recently posted…Happy Holi 2012: Holi With Bollywood Stars: Free Download Holi WallpapersMy Profile

    • Hi Prakash,

      I am doing fine. Little behind right now because of helping family, but all is good! The steamy bathroom in the winter is great. We are suppose to have snow tomorrow, so guess i will get to experience that nice warm cozy feeling. have to admit though I am ready to move on to spring. But what every the weather is doing I shall always enjoy that shower and like you say, :”whole day perfect and full of freshness.”

      Thanks for sharing and blessing to you always,

      • Hi Debbie, hope you will get the steamy winter’s experience in snowfall. And feel very good after getting your comment on my post…………………
        Thanks Debbie……
        Blessings 4 ur happy life and relations………
        Prakash recently posted…Online Simsimi: Simsimi for Android DownloadMy Profile

        • Yes we are getting that snowy weather today. Shower was nice a wonderful. Hey you have some great information on your blog. I do appreciate it.
          Have a wonderful day or evening. Someday i’ll get all these time zones figured out.
          Thanks for the blessing we can all use them in this wonderful life.
          Blessings sent back to you,

  10. SeanDawson says:

    You know what, Debbie? You have a very simple thought yet big enough to make us feel good as we read this article. There’s nothing more than I can crave for than to crave for nothing more. Finding smile in taking bath; thinking about good plans for the day while brushing; and so on, are just healthy ways to live a happy life.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Sean,

      To have a happy life it takes those simple things. If people would stop worrying about the big stuff and just enjoy the little pleasures of life happiness would be there’s.
      Thanks for sharing,

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