How To End Obesity In Children

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Teach your child to… children
Take a minute to think back to when you were a kid.

You got up in the morning and ate a whopping bowl of cereal before heading to school.

In your sack lunch you had a sandwich, maybe some chips and an apple. Picked up a little milk at the cafeteria.

If you ate the hot lunch at school it was prepared from scratch, not the over pressed packaged meat, potatoes or vegetables. (Those cooks knew how to make a real home cooked meal.)

You got home from school and there on the table was a mouthwatering little snack of milk and cookies before doing homework.

Once you got that treacherous homework done you got the privilege of going out to play. Unless of course it was raining or snowing then you played inside.

After dinner and bath you had a little snack before going to bed. (Maybe just a glass of warm milk.)

If mom decided she was going shopping and you were honored enough to be the chosen kid in the family to go with her there was…

No stopping to pick up a drink or at a food court for food…

If you were hungry the response was…


Now days we have become eating machines…

I bet that you can tell me every money-grabbing eating place in your neighborhood.

Wherever you go you can always find something toxic to eat.

The smell alone is enough to make you want to grab that mouthwatering FOOD!

Mothers take their kids to the store, but not without a bag of snacks for the trip or grabbing that cookie in the bakery department.

The family goes to the zoo, but not without the cooler or stopping at the concession stands for that to die for funnel cake..

Take your kids swimming on a summer day (even if it is for a few hours), as your close companion are the bag of snacks again.

  • We feed our kids when they wake up…
  • We send our kids to school with a lunch and snacks.
  • We even send them outside to play with snacks. (You know those wonderful convenient squeeze snacks now days.)
  • Your car is trashed because of food and food wrappers.

After all the food manufactures make it so easy anymore with their plastic containers, the squeeze contains, etc.

Get the picture?

I heard on the news the other day where Puerto Rico is coming up with a plan to stop childhood obesity. Make a law where the parents have to pay a $500 or $800 fine if there child is overweight.

You have to be kidding me…

Would this really solve the problem?

And there goes parent control and freedom out the window. (The government is raising your kid, not you.)

Are parents using food to keep the kids quiet and entertained?

Are parents over eating and kids are forming bad habits from the parents?

How do we keep our kids from getting overweight?

1.  Stop pushing food on your kid. eating

Society has gotten to the point where you can buy food at the gas station, in the mall, at every corner on the street. Whatever you are doing there is somebody

selling food.

Stop buying it…

Your kid is not going to starve and either are you…

2. Go for that walk with your child, but don’t take along a snack.

child obesity

Let them enjoy the outdoors.

Point out the pretty trees, birds or flowers to them. Don’t entertain them with a snack, so you can enjoy the walk quietly.

3. Let them play

children play

When the weather is nice throw there little bums outside. Teach them little games to play. Kick a soccer ball around with them. Let them dig a hole and see how deep they can make it.

Let them climb a tree. (Hey in case they ever need to climb a tree to stay out of flood waters, at least they will know how.)

Let them help with the gardening.

Teach them how to make a mud pie.

Whether they play inside or outside they are using their imagination and creativity.

4. Stop feeding them after the game when they play contact sports.

Ever notice when watching those little ones play a game of soccer, tag football, etc after the game here comes the goodies. Yes, they are supposed to be nutrition, but why do they need them?

Give them a drink of water…

5. Don’t tell your kid they have to clean there plate when sitting down for a meal.

Let them eat until they aren’t hungry anymore, not until they are stuffed.

As for the kids in China, hey let’s face it you can’t ship that left over food to them anyway. (A little wasted food is better than your child feeling bad about themselves because of a weight problem.)

6. Cook for them…

cooking for kids

Restaurant’s and fast foods are way over rated. I know sometimes with all the activates we are rushed for time. Maybe a good old fashion ham and cheese sandwich would be better for them than burger and fries on the run.

I understand that we now live in a fast paced world, but you could be doing more harm to your kids by cutting the wrong corners. There are a lot of dinners that can be prepare in 30 minutes when we plan ahead. All you have to do is Google fast meals. It is amazing what you’ll find.

The Mind-blowing truth is…

Protect your kids by giving them their fruits, vegetables and meats every day.

Give them the water they need and juices.

Stop all the snacking away from home; they are not going to starve.

And remember…

Kids like to play …

And they will always tell you when they are hungry or starving.

Are you going to be a dumbass parent and let your child get overweight or are you ready to take control of the bad eating habits you may be teaching them?

The choice is yours.

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  1. ricky jones says:

    obesity is the root of all the deceases. Your child should be healthy but not obsessed.

  2. Adi Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing this great post. This post helpful and useful for many people and in this post give good information for End Obesity In Children and for that here in this post Wonderful information. I like this post.

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