How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their Life

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How Do You Know That You Are Picking The Right Name For Your Unborn Child?

Naming your unborn child maybe one of the hardest decisions you ever make.  You might ask yourself…

“If I get this wrong can I or will I ruin my child’s life?”

Some kids grow up liking their names, and other have them legally changed.

I always liked my name, but I am one that likes something a little different. 

I know you are saying, “Yours, isn’t different; there are a lot of Debbie’s in this world.” You would be right, other than most Debbie’s real names are Debra. 

Not mine, it is JUST Debbie.  Yes, I have been ask many times; “Is Debbie you legal name?”  I tell them “Yes and I am proud of it.”

The only thing is my middle name is Dee, so I have often wondered why my parents didn’t call me DeeDee for short.  “I always thought that sounded pretty cute.” 

That didn’t happen, so I’ll just go with the plain Debbie and it’s OK even though I had an aunt that called me Dubbie all the time.  Maybe she didn’t like me or she had trouble pronouncing my name.

If anyone calls me that now, they most likely are going to pick themselves up off the ground!

A person’s name is very important to them.   

Your name gives you your personal identity.

You might remember the old Johnny Cash song, “Boy Named Sue.” (I Think that is what it was called.)  Anyway this guy names his son Sue, because he wanted him to learn to be tough!  To survive, a boy named Sue would have to be tough.

Can you imagine going to school, as a boy and be call Sue.  Not so much!

How about this for twins… You would know what era they were born in.

Now I have a grandson named Chase. 

Don’t get me wrong I really like his name; I have to say his mom and dad spend their days chasing this child.  I mean nothing scares him!  He can hurt himself, and just gets up and keeps going.

One time I was in a store and seen the name tag on this young man; It read “Chase”.  I ask him, “How has that worked out for your parent?”  His reply was…

“I spent some time in boot camp some years back.”

I have to say though I loved his spirit!!!  He came across as a fun person and very likeable.

By the way the meaning for the name Chase is hunter.  I understand this, because he is always hunting for something new and exciting!

My oldest daughter has a name you don’t hear.  She knows that when someone says, “Hi Shallon; or what do you think you are doing, Shallon?”

They are talking to her. 

Is this a blessing or a curse?

vSometimes we pick out the name and after the baby arrives it doesn’t seem like the name fits. 

vOther times we look at that little face and know the name is perfect.

Here is a situation where the parents named their baby and then mommy decided the name didn’t fit, so at 8 months old she had the name legally changed.  Never heard of that before, but ok as long as mommy and daddy feel better; this is OK!

Does our name shape our Character and personality?

ØIf you have a strong name are you going to have those characteristics and personality traits?

ØIf you have unusual name are you going to be an unusual person?

ØIf you have a common name are you going to common and nothing unordinary?

ØDo parents need to give naming their children more thought?


Here is a site that you can type in the name and it tells you the personality.  I found it very interesting and somewhat true when it comes to names and personality. Love PM.Com.  (Yes, it does talk about love, but there is a place where you can type in the name and it gives a few personality traits that I found interesting.)

Are you happy with the names you chose for your kids, or do you look at them and wonder…”What was I thinking?”

Do you feel your mother was given too many drugs in the hospital when you were born and didn’t give them a chance to wear off before making the most important decision in your life…Your Name?  And your father just agreed with her, because after that deliver he was in enough trouble already.

Talk to me, in the box below….




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  1. Hi Debbie,

    Interesting post indeed, and I you have a lovely name 🙂

    Oh yes…I think our parents must have given our names a real thought and then named us, though some parents don’t always do that too and realize their mistake later and make amends.

    My parents named me Harleen initially, but as they wanted a smaller name to call at home, it was Leena what they went with. So, Harleen became Harleena, which was mostly used in school, and college, though within the home, and with family or friends, it was Leena as such. This again some people don’t like that they have two names, so I went ahead and named my kids one single name, short and sweet ones and they are happy with those as they are unique ones so far.

    However, children nowadays are choosy and we can never say what they might like later or they even might change their names to like what they want later, so each one to their own.

    I liked that site link at the end, and yes, sometimes what they say at such times does match a lot with your personality. Otherwise, it’s not necessary that when a child is named, which happens within a few days or weeks after he/she is born and named, the parents can really make out a lot about the personality of the child – they just name them based on what they like or may be after seeing a few features of the child or seeing his/her behavior.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Rise Up Every Time You FallMy Profile

    • Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for telling me I have a lovely name.

      I do like your name and as for Lena, I have seen you use this that I think it is really cool. Guess I am one that does like names that are different, but not off the wall.

      I thought that that site with the link was cool, too. Gives some insight on names. I do have a niece that is names Shyla and her parent call her Shy and she is shy around strangers. To me this is name that labels the child. And then they react to it.

      Thanks for sharing your thought it is always great to see your smiling face.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Great article! There have been loads of studies which show that a name can actually determine the future for a child. Too unusual, and you risk getting discriminated against. Too popular, and they will be like everyone else, and too common or fashionable, and they may risk not progressing. It’s funny how names seem to become the person. Our daughter was always going to have her name, as it’s passed down from her maternal Grandmother, and luckily it suits her perfectly. I don’t like my name as it’s very common and typical of the time I was born. Sometimes, I’d love to come up with a really quirky or unique name but I don’t have the confidence! 🙂

    • Hi Jen,

      Love seeing your smiling face and it is great to hear from you.

      Jen, I do like your name and yes, our names do usually go with the times we were born.

      Things you have said about your daughter I can see that her name does fit her personality. Like i told Harleena when it comes to my niece with her name, Shyla and her parents calling her Shy. I think it forms in the childs mine that this is who or what they are.

      My Grandson is another example with the name Chase. You are right when you say,” Too unusual, and you risk getting discriminated against. Too popular, and they will be like everyone else, and too common or fashionable, and they may risk not progressing.” This can happen!

      Thanks for sharing Jen and It was great to here from you.:)
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  3. Gee, had I feared “if I get this wrong will I ruin my child’s life?” I’d be now childless :-]
    “Right” and “wrong” seem to describe the actions of people rather than their names. Of course headlines are important, and names are like headlines. But judging a person by their name seems a close cousin to judging people by their looks, books by their cover. We all do it, but how is that working out for us?

    • Dear Debbie –

      It is time someone said somthing about this. I am amazed at some of the names people choose. Especially famous people.

      How will that crazy name look when the child is 30 and looking for a job?

      Cute is cute when your baby is born – but later?
      Corinne Edwards recently posted…GETTING PUBLICITY – from Media Creation – on AmazonMy Profile

      • I totally agree with you Corinne. I don’t think people stop and think about when this baby grows up. If you want to have something cute, give the kid a good name at birth and then find a nick name for them when they are little. My last daughter is named Brandie, but when she was little we always called her, “Bug” It just seemed to fit and it was fun. If we called her that now as an adult, we might have to pick ourselves off the floor. Can’t blame her for that.
        As for the famous person they have gone way off the deep end in my book.
        You have a great day and hugs to you always,
        debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Beat,

      Names are like headliners, never quite thought of it like that before, but you are right. I do believe that many people do judge others by there names,maybe not quite as much as they do by there looks, but it can be a close second.

      No this does not work, because when we judge we can be missing out on getting to know a wonderful person. thanks for sharing these thoughts, Beat they are very important and we all need to give it some deep thought when it comes to judging that book by it’s cover.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  4. Debbie

    Got to say I’m pretty traditional when it comes to names. Our kids, Lucy and David – pretty normal names.

    It seems to be the celebrities that have to name their kids weird and wonderful names. Not sure why but it’s almost like a competition. We have a UK famous chef and one of his kids is called ‘Buddy Bear’. I suppose he will get noticed and never be forgotten!

    Andrew recently posted…Google Penguin: How Your Website Can ProfitMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      I have to agree with you when it comes to these celebrities. Some of the names they come up with these day are unreal. Wonder how there kids are going to feel when they grow up.
      ‘Buddy Bear’ you have to be kidding. I would definitely change my name when I got old enough and ask my parent when they heck they were high on when they names me.
      Sounds like it would work for a nick name when you are very little.
      Thanks for sharing and normal names are always good.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  5. Debbie

    The name must match the personality and how can you tell that when the baby is first born?

    Popular names are fine. You can be Steve and introvert or extrovert.

    But if you are called ‘buzzy bumble bee’ then you better have a ‘buzzing’ personality!

    Steve recently posted…Weight Loss Hypnosis: How To Extinguish Emotional EatingMy Profile

    • Hi Steve,

      ‘Buzzy Bumble Bee’ Now that would be bad!!!! I would get a little upset with my parents. Actually the name Steve i really like. Of course that is my hubby’s name.

      I do think that names can very much affect the personality as I stated before. What do you think you would get if you names a child, “Trouble?” I’d tell those parents to stop complaining, they ask for it.
      Thank Steve for sharing and the smile with buzzy bumble bee.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  6. I’m still holding out for my favorite name of all time – “Steel Fury Williams”. I don’t think it’s going to happen though 🙁
    Seriously though I do feel a little bad for people who have to spell their name out for the rest of time when it’s a common name but a K instead of a C or an I instead of a Y etc. It must be tough. There’s no misspelling Steel Fury though!
    Joel recently posted…Headway 3.5 ReleasedMy Profile

    • Hi Joel,

      “Steel Fury” now really Joel think about what that poor kid would have to live up too! Now for a nickname when they are little might be kind of cute. Even though you may end up with a real ball of fire.

      Now my oldest because her name is different is always having to spell it out too people. As for me yest I have had many people ask me, ‘is that with a y or ie.’ Actually on my birth certificate they made a mistake and spelled it Debby and my parent had to have it changed on the certificate it Debbie. It shows with Debby a line throw it and then the right spelling.
      I do agree that the K’s and C’s can be a pain too.
      Keep me posted when it comes to the next little one for you when it comes the the ‘steel fury’. Thanks for the smile, Joel.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  7. Mia Taylor says:

    Hi Debbie,
    You really do have a cool name. The post did gave me new insights on how a name can define the personality of a person.
    Well the link you gave was also interesting!1

  8. Interesting article Debbie. I am always fascinated by names. I named my first daughter Debbie just like your name. A nurse in the hospital took me to task saying how stupid her name would sound as she became an adult, ‘ Who ever heard of Auntie Debbie?’ she said. Well 45 years later she is called Auntie Debbie by her nieces and it doesnt sound that odd in this day and age!!!!

    My first name is Inez, and I have never been called it apart in formal settings. And I have cringed when my name has been shouted out in public, by someone who didnt know how to pronounce it! ‘ Inis’ for example!
    Wendy recently posted…How to deal with changeMy Profile

    • Hi Wendy,

      I like the name Wendy. How did it come that you are called Wendy, since your real name is Inez? If I hear someones name and don’t know how to pronounce it will either ask them how it is pronounced or I just don’t try to say it. That way I am not embarrassing myself or ticking them off.

      To me it sounds like a very easy going loving person. I never though Auntie Debbie sounded funny either. I bet that nurse was a bite old fashion maybe. To me Auntie Debbie sound much better than Auntie Debra. By the way what is her middle name. i always thought mine was pretty cool.

      thanks Wendy for sharing with me and my readers. Hope you are having a great day.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

      • Crazy isnt it! The story my mother told me was that the nurses in hospital said I looked like a ‘Wendy’ – being my 2nd name (nurses seem to have a lot to answer for 🙂 .

        Debbie’s 2nd name is Anne, which is my 3rd forename (as I am greedy) and I was given that name after my grandmother, and so I passed it on.
        Wendy recently posted…How to deal with changeMy Profile

  9. It is interesting how some names do conjure up a feeling or we attach a personality to it before we even meet the person. For me, a fru fru name would never be considered for one of my children because I am not a fru fru sort of person. As a result, I would probably never raise a fru fru child because of my tastes, expectations, way of speaking to them. So have I shaped a child as a result of a name choice? Maybe a little.
    There is so much we do in trying to raise a child, and I think we pick names that fit our style and personality to a degree. It is all part of the package of being a parent.
    Having said that, I think all parents owe it to their children to avoid far out names. If an adult would like to adopt a weird name when they are older, that is their choice.
    Thanks Debbie
    Anne recently posted…IMPORTANCE OF DECREASING STRESSMy Profile

    • Hi Anne,

      Now that is a way of looking at Anee, we shape our child by the name we start them with and so on, so on. i know for myself i do like names that are a bit different, but not shall i say ‘STUPID’. i do agree that as an adult if you want to have your name changed to something weird then it is your choice.

      Thanks Anne for sharing these thoughts.
      debbie recently posted…How Naming You’re Baby Can Be Gambling With Their LifeMy Profile

  10. KaMarlowete says:

    Although I don’t think naming “you’re” (pretty sure you meant your) baby is a gamble, this was amusing. I enjoy names and how people chose them.

    My son changed his name in the 1st grade. He stated, rather reasonably, that he preferred his middle name and asked that we call him by it rather than his first. Took some getting used to, but eventually we got there. Neither of my children have common or ordinary names, but nor are they made up.

    And as for Brandie, does she enjoy the drink which determined her name? That one takes a strong personality and it sounds like she has one!

    • That is really interesting that you son changed his name when he was in 1st grade. Love kids that know what they want.
      As for Brandie, no she doesn’t care for the drink, but she does have a strong personality. I didn’t name her because of the drink, but after my second one was born I heard the name and just fell in love with it. So when that third one came as another girl, I decided Brandie would be it.
      Thanks for sharing and you sound like a very understand and good parent. Your son is lucky.
      Debbie recently posted…How To Be A Smart Parent In A World Of Dumb ParentsMy Profile

  11. คอกกั้นเด็ก says:

    Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found a sea shell
    and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the
    shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely
    off topic but I had to tell someone!

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