How Happy are You, in your life, RIGHT NOW?

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Are you happy, but still have some emotions from the past that keeps you a little stuck?

When we can release emotions from the present or past that have us stuck we become happier.  The more we “Let Go” the happier we become.  We really begin to uncover our own secret to happiness and find happiness within.  I know the pain of those emotions from the past.  I’m a very happy positive person, but I’m human just like everyone else and there was some junk I was having trouble getting rid of until I came across “Happiness Now.”

Find your happiness within

Let me tell you the story:  In 2008 my mother died and as it turns out I probably have the family from hell.  It is amazing what can come out in a time of crisis.  When my mother got to the point that she could no longer live in her own house by herself the crap came tumbling down.  My oldest sister was determined to get her hands on the money from the sale of my mother’s house.  My oldest brother was determined to keep her in the same town he lives in, but he wanted to just put her in a rest home and forget she was there.  One of my younger brothers who also was the executive of her will, because my parents had made a loan to him years ago in which he turned some stock over to them for the cash up front (they left the stock in his name and he had them pay the taxes on it I found out later).  He wanted to keep that money for himself rather than use it to take care of her and keep her in her house.  We won’t talk about the alcoholic sister I have that as no clue anymore about anything other than calling social services on me after I moved our mother into my house in another state.

Anyway to make a long story short, the oldest brother cleaned out her house and gave away all her stuff, so I never really got any of the precious little things of hers to remember her by.  All I have is those wonderful memories, she and I shared and the 5 months I did have her close to me.  He didn’t even show up for her funeral.  My oldest sister did split up the money from her house with everyone, even the brother that gave her stuff away and didn’t show up for her funeral.  And yes the younger brother did run of with about $100,000.00 that could have been used to take care of her in the way she would have loved to be taken care of.

After all this happen I was having a lot of trouble with choosing happiness, because I would get angry every time I thought of my mother, her happiness and those precious little things of hers that were just given way to anybody.  My emotions were getting in the way of happiness and it was clearly getting to be a big problem for me.

Then I came across the “Happiness  Now” course.  It is a course unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever seen before.  Its results absolutely blew me away.  It provided me with a simple, powerful, natural method of releasing the “BAD EMOTIONS” that I was holding on too.  Now I am back to happiness within for myself, And loving every minute of it.

Happiness Now teaches a simple system of guided “releasing”, bringing about profound benefits in ALL areas of your life – leading you toward ultimate, lasting happiness within.

It involves asking yourself a few simple questions and just watching your troublesome emotions drop away, right before your eyes.  If bad emotions are the only thing holding you back from finding your happiness within I highly recommend this course.

Does this sound like you?  Are you having trouble with past or present emotions?  Lack of money when everyone around you is doing great?  Fear for the future?  Do you find past experiences, fears and phobias holding you back, when you’d prefer to break through and enjoy more freedom and choice?  Would you like to master your emotions and uncover the ULTIMATE KEY to lasting happiness within?

I feel your pain, because I have been there and this course HAPPINESS NOW did a world of good for me.  If you are having these problems I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course.  Just check it out by clicking on the links or banner.

Thank you, that is my true story and if you have any comments I would appreciate them.  There is a survivor in all of us; we just have to find the right help sometimes.  I certainly did.

Debbie Dee

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