Happiness Within Starts with Compassion

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The very purpose of life is to love and Be happy. From the core of our being, we desire Happiness. I have found that the more we care for the happiness and contentment of others the greater our own sense of happiness grows. This helps remove our fears or insecurities we have and gives us the strength to cope with obstacles we encounter daily. We are not solely material creatures and it would be a mistake to place our hopes for happiness on external development alone.

Compassion can start with a simple smile.  Here is a bowl of smiles I would like you to help me spread them around.

Take the time to listen to this video on Compassion: Teddy Stallard  Story

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful video. Did you use up a smile in the bowl?

Here is 5 point to consider when searching for happiness within and learning compassion:

1. By listening and making a concerted effort to see issues from others point of view, shows them you genuinely understand and respect their thoughts and concerns. By listening to others concerns can help them find a solution a problem. An example of this is some days when my husband comes home from work; he may be having a problem. We sit down and he talks about it, while I listen. At times I may come up with a solution; other times after hearing himself talk he sees the problem from another angle and knows the answer.

2. Be transparent to others. Share what maybe on your mind and let people see who you really are by telling them your story. Don’t leave out the high and low points. Be sincere and honest. You being candent will build trust, which in turn paves the way for deeper understanding. I find with myself there are days when happy can be a little harder to find. However by doing this blog about happiness helps me on those days. I have to stop thinking of myself and think of all you beautiful people. One sentence that I write my help your day be better.

3. Get to know people. Interact with them by encouraging them to talk about their interests, dreams, hopes and their fears. Laugh with them or cry with them. I see many relationships break down because people are not interacting with each other or listening. Your loved one comes home, could be husband, wife, child or your special person. They are very quiet and we allow them to go off by themselves. This is when it is important to get them talking, while we listen. It is amazing what we learn when we listen.

4. Allow people to vent their frustrations and be sensitive. Look for ways to help ease their pain and overcome hurts. I’ll tell you funny story about this point. One of my daughters my call me on any given day and say. “Mom I just have to vent”, then they will go on with their story. I just listen, but it’s is very nice when they let me know this is what they are doing. If they just start venting I will ask them if that is what they need to do. Listening is more important than talking most of the time. Doesn’t everyone like to be listened too?

5.  Always treat people fairly and with respect and dignity. Your behavior is going to set the tone for their behavior. Think about that. Say someone is having a bad day, a really bad day and they are barking at you. Now if you don’t react to them in a negative way, but positive and just listen and agree, have empathy for them. What can they do? One day when I went to the story the clerk that was checking me out didn’t seem like she even wanted to be there. My first thought was, she sure isn’t very good at her job. Then I looked at her and ask, “Are you OK?” She looked at me and said, “Not really, my dog died last night.” I told her how sorry I was and all the sudden the  way she was treating me changed.  A little compassion can go a long way.  It can even change a life forever.

If you want to go back to the video click here, Compassion,The Teddy Stallard Story.

Please tell me how I can listen to you better with your comments. How can I help make your days better?

Just me
Debbie Dee

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