Get Rid of Stress 5 Ideas That Really Work

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This is a guest post from M.Farouk Radwan the founder of

Stress is such a tough emotion, not only does it makes your mood worse, but it affects your health in a bad way.

Sometimes stress becomes unavoidable in our lives like when we have to work for a stressful job. In such a case where stress prevention methods might bring little results you need other ways to ease the stress you get subjected to, before it can harm you.

If you managed to channel the stress you get subjected to correctly then it will have minimal effect on your mental and physical health.

The Top 5 ideas for getting rid of your stress

 1)    Go to a silent place:  Noise and all sources of distraction in general contribute to your stress. One of the best ways you can use to reduce stress is to find a silent place to sit at. Not only you will have better focus and be able to concentrate more, but you will also feel much better. Dedicate half an hour each day where you sit at that place and watch your mood improving.

2)    Laugh: Laughing reduces stress, of course no one can force himself to laugh unless something really funny is going on and that’s why you must find some free time to watch any comedy show. You don’t have to do that more than half an hour but it will help a great deal.

3)    Take a good break: When people get stressed they sometimes do the mistake of working harder or increasing the number of working hours without getting a break. This in turn adds to their stress and makes them feel worse. Take at least one day off each week and don’t do anything related to work on that day. If you are badly stressed then you might need more than one day to recover.

4)    Exercise 3 times a week: Exercising doesn’t just improve physical health but it improves your mental health as well. If you had a long stressful workday then nothing can help more than a 30 minute walk. Once exercising becomes a fixed part of your weekly routine stress hormones will be reduced in your body and you will become in a better mental state.

5)    Don’t escape from your problems: Some people try to solve the stress problem by escaping from their problems and as a result they feel even worse after sometime. The best way to deal with stress and all other emotional problems is to face the problem that caused them. While running from a problem can provide a temporary relief; sooner or later bad feelings will accumulate and you will find yourself feeling worse.

Bonus tip

Do you know that eating the right food can help you feel less stressed?

It was found that a balanced diet that doesn’t contain junk food can help your body get rid of the hormones that causes stress.

Learn how to follow a healthy balanced diet and your life will become much less stressful.

Are you living a stress free life? 

M.Farouk Radwan is the founder of, a website that has more than 2000 self help, psychology and personal development articles. Farouk is a full time blogger who makes a living by selling his books on his blog.

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  1. Nice to see you here Farouk! He’s surely a great guest choice Debbie!

    These are wonderful ways to get rid of stress in our life that everyone can use. 🙂

    As you already know about the recent post on my blog about the stress signs all of us face in our lives, because it is part of our daily lives- reading these ways to get rid of stress seemed like a solution to that post – though I had mentioned I would be writing a post on the ways to relieve stress, but that would come up later and you know my posts – they run a way too long 😉

    I agree that frequent breaks are absolutely essential, especially when we are working online that requires us to keep sitting and working. I would also add in music and meditation, as they are great stress busters – isn’t it? Also, eating a balanced diet has been proven to relive stress too, just as you mentioned, though few people really follow this.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Why Can’t Men and Women Be FriendsMy Profile

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Harleena,

      Yes, i do feel very grateful for Farouk guest post. It has been an honor post his words of wisdom.

      I do look forward to reading your post on stress. The more we share when it comes to handling stress in todays world, we are sure to find somethinhg that works for anyone. I to like listening to music to get rid of stress.

      My favorite is to get into my car, put in my favorite CD, turn up the volume and enjoy. Mediitation with pray when those really tough challenges come also is another one I use.

      Thank you for stopping by and by the way your post are never to long.

  2. Good points raised here, especially on laughing and facing your problems. As they say, laughter is indeed the best medicine. Facing your problems is very important since you don’t want to be caught with a much bigger problem. Procrastinating about it will only make it worse.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Amy,

      thank you Amy for stopping by. How are the boys?

      I bet with those boys of yours you do have to keep the laughter going.
      They always sound like they make life very fun and interesting. As for the facing problems, you are right they do not go away, but can even become bigger problems. I just like to think about the situation, find the right solution and get it over with, so I can move on.

      Thanks again and Blessings always,

  3. Hi Farouk and Debbie,

    Great suggestions for relieving stress. They are all good, but I like “Go to a silent place” and exercise. When we clear our mind for even a few minutes each day, the stress has a chance to float away as our mind rests. Exercise has always helped me do better. Thanks for sharing!
    Cathy recently posted…How One Fatal Mistake Can Change Your LifeMy Profile

  4. thanks so much Debbie for posting my article : )
    Harleena, many thanks for your comment and nice words 🙂
    of course you are right, mediation and music can help a great deal
    when i am stressed out i go for a walk with my Ipod and i come back feeling much better
    keep in touch : )
    farouk recently posted…Why do people drink alcohol (The psychology of drinking)My Profile

  5. Hi M. Farouk,
    There are many stress relievers we can do, but sometimes we can’t do anything about it except to just deal with it. Great tips on how to get rid of our stress. I usually just spend time with my family and friends when I feel down and stressed and I still have a bit of energy, but if I am really stressed and tired, sipping hot green tea and getting a nap is my number 1 stress reliever. Thanks for sharing!
    Felicia recently posted…PokerStars: MicroMillons III Schedule Announced!My Profile

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Felica,

      Spending time with family and friends is a great way to let go of stress. I do like your idea of sipping hot green tea or just taking a nap. Once we get away and take a break from stress it helps us to find a solution and solve the problem.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing how you deal with stress.

      • I agree with you too Debbie. Actually, one thing that relaxes me when I am stressed is to take a stroll around town by car. I like it when my sisters cruise with me too, especially if they were the ones doing the driving and all I do is sit back and sightsee while conversing with them.

        Another thing that takes away my stress somehow is by reading Reader’s Digest. The jokes and short funny stories there make me happy and it dissolves away my tired feeling. As one segment there says, “Laughter, the best medicine”.

        • Debbie Bills

          Hi Felicia,

          I love Readers Digest. The short jokes are great and do help with relieving stress. There is nothing better than a good laugh. As for driving, I too love riding around in a car. Road trips are one of my favorite.
          Thanks again for sharing,

  6. Ashley Brown says:

    Stress is become the part of your lifestyle and people find it really hard to deal with it. But the tips you mentioned are practical and easy to implement . I agree with you people often try to escapre from their problems but it lead to more stress. For reducing stress it is important to deal with it in a better way.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Ashley,

      Nice to have you drop in and share. Thank you! I do agree people like to run the other way when it comes to problems that create stress. I di like the simple steps that Farouk gives for reducing stress. They are very easy anf simple to follow.
      Thanks again adn have a great day.

  7. Farouk,

    I’m certainly with you on the exercise one. I try to do something each day.

    I can also recommend, listening to relaxing music. Well it helps me!

    Andrew recently posted…7 Steps To Getting More Blog Traffic And Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Andrew,

      As for the exercise, it does work, but sometimes punching a pillow helps me. LOL Actually that doesn’t happen to often. As for music, yes that one I love. I really like getting in my car and driving listening to my favorite CD. Thank you Andrew for sharing.
      Have a wonderful week

  8. I’m miles away from being what you’d call a fitness freak but I couldn’t agree more that exercising 3 times a week is an amazing stress-reliever! I never used to do anything really except for netball once a week and I was a really pent up person. I go to the gym now and have done for about 2 years now. I try and go 3-4 times a week and I genuinely have noticed a huge change in my stress levels and the weight loss is just a bonus! Great advice and I hope people take you up on it all!

    • Debbie Bills

      Thank you Darcy for sharing. Yes, this is great advice from Farouk. Glad that your stress level has gone down. Excerise is a great way to get rid of stress. And yes, the weight loss is a bonus. Like the way you state that. 🙂
      Thanks again and haver a great week,

  9. thank you so much Debbie for sharing my post 🙂
    farouk recently posted…why do people,especially men, like video gamesMy Profile

  10. Great tips. I love going to my cabin. It’s not exactly silent because there is a creek close by, but the only sounds are natural sounds. When I’m not at the cabin, I try to meditate every morning, the inner silence. I also agree wtih the exercise. I know I feel better when I am active. Right now I’m going to martial arts classes four times a week. So much fun!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…A Shining Moment in the DarknessMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      The cabin sound wonderful. I love the sound of a creek running. Martial arts class, sound great and a lot of fun. Good for you Galen. Sounds like you really have it together.

      Thanks for sharing how you relieve your stress.

  11. Shreeja Narayanan says:

    Hi! Loved your tips 🙂 especially 3,4 & 5. It actually works!

  12. It’s kind of ironic how not eating junk food decreases your stress wherein face binge eating junk is my ultimate de-stressor. Most of it’s pretty accurate though.

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Stacy,

      Glad to here that binge eating junk is working for you as a de=stresser. However how do you feel afterwards? is your energy level high or do you feelo sluggish?

      Thank you for sharing how you de-stress.

  13. Hi
    The number one for me to de stress is exercise. It is like a stress de tox for me I can go for a swim feeling hyper wound up and get out of the pool only half an hour later feeling alive chilled and ready to take on the world again. Don’t know why but it certainly works for me.

    Great advice thanks lee
    Lee recently posted…Sweat Suits for WomenMy Profile

  14. Debbie

    I have to say, diet is fundamental to keeping the stress levels down.

    Simply eat more fresh food that processed food would be a good start to reducing the stress levels.

    Steve recently posted…How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Quickly And EasilyMy Profile

    • Debbie Bills

      Hi Steve,

      Fresh food is the best. I think back when i was a single mother and the processed food i fed my girls. They are all healthy even to this day, so guess I didn’t hurt them to much. Maybe i would have had less disagreements with them when they were teen if I hadn’t. Just a thought. Our moods are much better when we eat good food.
      Thank you for sharing,

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