Did you know food can contribute to your happiness?

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Choose happiness when eating

I really do believe that you can eat your way to happiness.  But before you get carried away, I’m not talking about moving in to Dunkin Donuts for the weekend (nice as it may sound!). Instead, I’m actually talking about the incredible benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet in helping your body to function efficiently and provide the necessary fuel to help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

It goes without saying that eating a healthy diet can have a wonderful effect on your well-being.  If happiness were a recipe in your favorite cook book I’m pretty sure you know what the key ingredients would be.  Achieving a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet is part of how we take care of ourselves and invest in our long term health and well-being.  Eating a nutritionally balanced diet helps to ensure that your body has all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to work effectively for you.

Feeding your body (and your mind)

At a basic level, the food we eat provides the fuel and energy that we need to function effectively in our daily lives.  Making healthy food choices can deliver significant health benefits which include;

  • Reducing the risk of illness
  • Strengthening your immune system to avoid infection
  • Enabling you to stay within a healthy weight range and BMI
  • Increasing your overall energy levels

However, it’s also true that the food we eat can affect how we feel. Most of us have experienced the high that comes from satisfying a sugar craving.  Candies, cookies, donuts and other desserts are digested quickly by the body, and rapidly produce serotonin which gives us that temporary happy feeling. Unfortunately, most of us have also experienced the crash-and-burn effect as the sugar hit wears off.  That’s because sugary foods and refined carbohydrates, whilst great for an occasional treat, cannot deliver a sustained energy supply that the brain and body needs to function effectively.

Of course, occasional treats and moments of indulgence are important.  This isn’t about giving up your favorite candy bar or denying yourself a slice of the wonderful carrot cake they sell in your local deli.  But it is about recognizing that these kinds of treats can only deliver a temporary benefit.  Providing the right fuel for your body on a consistent basis is the only sure-fire way to sustain health and happiness, both inside and out!


Staying hydrated is also vitally important – amazingly, our bodies are made up of 70% water, so it’s easy to see why most health professionals recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water every day. Water plays an important role in keeping our bodies hydrated, but it also helps to flush away harmful toxins improve digestive transit and combat common skin disorders.  Drinking water regularly also improves your alertness and productivity, by helping you to concentrate and think more clearly.

The media is usually overrun with stories about the latest diet craze or new super-foods that will transform your life.  But when you cut through all the hype, it’s clear that eating a healthy and balanced diet is the very best way to cater for your body’s nutritional needs.  A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grains, alongside protein and carbohydrates will provide the very best fuel for your body, and enable you to maintain a more consistently positive mood and outlook. It’s my recipe for happiness – and it can be yours too!

What works for you when it comes to eating healthy?  Let me know if I missed anything in the comment box below.  Thank you and always stay happy – it is good for you and your health.


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  1. I definitely believe in the power of food and our moods:) I know if I eat something really stodgy (usually if I’ve craved it, mind you!) that I feel awful afterwards. But if I eat some salad or steamed veges with some steamed/grilled meat, I feel wonderful.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Good to hear from you. I learned part of the mood problem when it comes to food with one daughter I have. She has a problem with milk products. When she eats the wrong thing, boy you better stay out of her way. It probably would be a happier world if more people would think about what they eat and how it makes them fill.
      Thanks for confirming the value of eating the right foods. It is appreciated. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Interesting article and shows that there is more to a good healthy diet than just how you look 🙂 especially the part about water – I cannot stress how well it has made me feel in the past when I had periods of drinking 6-7 cups of pure water a day. Luckily, this has been turning into a habit more and more lately. It really makes you feel more energetic ( don’t know if it is just placebo, or is actually happening, but who cares as long as it is there, right? :), and somehow lighter, as well.

    I also believe it is not about just what you eat, but HOW you eat it. I would appreciate it if you could drop by here: http://happysapiens.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/food-for-thought/

    and give me your comments (apologies if pasting links is not allowed on this website, if this is the case then please remove the link before approving my comment, but do go there before and share your thoughts 🙂 thanks!)
    .-= MarkN´s last blog ..TV- mass media- role-models and their influence =-.

    • Hi Mark,

      Not a problem with the link. This world is all about helping people, so know worries. I’ll tweet it for you too.
      Yes, water can make a big difference. How you eat can make a difference, thanks for bring that up. It really is a big help when you learn to enjoy your food and not inhale it, if you know what I mean.
      Have a great day and I’ll just hop over to your site. thanks again and hope to see you again.

    • Me again, just wanted to let you know Mark when you comment there will always be a link to site when you leave a comment.
      Thanks again

  3. This is a great article. I have had first hand experience on how your diet can affect your happiness. I have learned which foods causes me to have mood swings, and I agree often thirst disguises itself as hunger.

    That doesn’t stop me from having the occasional treat……and I do mean occasional. The lethargy caused by eating too many sweet things just isn’t worth the moments of pleasure I have while eating them. I would rather be happy long term than have a couple of moments of joy.
    .-= Brenda Freeman´s last blog ..Can Personal Development Lower Your Confidence =-.

    • Hi Brenda,

      Everybody needs that special treat now and then. I find if I just eat those special treats and forget the balance in my diet that my mood changes too. My hubby can tell by my mood when I need that balance meal.
      To your happiness with the balance diet, but occasional treat Brenda.

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  5. Zackary Bichel says:

    Good infomation here, thanks.

  6. A very informative post Debbie. I so agree that there are foods that lead to feeling so much better; probably because we are eating healthy and therefore our health will improve. Junk food can make you feel sluggish and lethargic; I just don’t get why some people find it so hard to choose that over healthy alternatives.
    Patricia Perth Australia
    .-= Patricia@lavenderuses´s last blog ..Lavender Products- Why Choose Organic Lavender =-.

    • Patricia, I think that some people eat so much junk that they don’t even realize that it is making them feel sluggish. It is just like anything we educate ourselves about. Some just aren’t educated about it and don’t care to be.
      Have a great day and stay happy with the right food,

  7. Flora Rouse says:

    I agree with your post 100%. I was taught to eat slowly and not pack in and swallow the food as if it was a race. I can’t even watch people eating like that. This habit of viewing food as a source of pleasure as well not only a source of calories, led me to develop a specific eating routine, which some people find too weird, but I think it’s balanced and right. I eat small varied portions more than 3 times a day, and my favorite snack is beluga caviar, because you don’t need to eat much of it at one time, but it still gives you a sense of satisfaction. I also have my kitchen cabinet filled with all kinds of sauces, vinegars and oils and of course spices. I think it is all within normal limits.

  8. Hi
    Yeh, food can increase the happiness. When we are eating well food, its amazing moments.
    Jac Evans recently posted…St. Lucia All Inclusive HoneymoonMy Profile

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