Choose to be Happy. Is this what is WRONG with Politicians? There NOT Happy.

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I was sitting there last night watching the president talk and I really had to laugh.

These politicians come into the room and are kissing and hugging each other.  What a show.  Now tell me what would happen if you had a room full of college kids that started hugging and kissing each other when they walked to their class room?  When young people go into a class room they go in to learn and get something accomplished.  Isn’t that what politicians are suppose to be doing.  Listening and getting something accomplished.

Then the president starts talking and they don’t like what he is saying, so they just sit there like a bump on a log.  Let’s make a point not to stand up or clap if we don’t like what we hear.  They looked like a bunch of spoiled children that aren’t getting their way, so they are having a tug a war.

These people are in office because they were voted into office.   They are suppose to get together to solve our problems as a nation.  Do they look like they are willing to work together? Not so much.  They don’t even want to hear what is being said.  It shows in their actions.

Maybe what is wrong with Washington is these people that are running this country are not happy people.  To be happy you have to enjoy who you are, what you are and enjoy your surroundings.  I don’t believe they are enjoying any of this.

Looks to me like all they are doing is trying to impress other people with who they think they are.  All the nice clothing they wear, power they think they have and live in fancy houses.  They don’t have to worry about health care, they have it.  They don’t have to worry about retirement, they have it.  All they are really interested in is getting their way and seeing who is going to be impressed with them.

I find this very sad and really have to feel sorry for these spoiled politicians. By watching these so called leaders of this country, they really looked like the most miserable people, anyway at least half the room.

Maybe that is why Washington is in the shape it is in, because we have a mess of unhappy, miserable people running it.  When needing a solution to a problem we must listen to others in the group and as a team put heads together to come up with the right solution.  Not close our minds to what someone else is saying, because we may not agree with it.  Real leaders and happy people know that problems can be solved when everyone works together.

Happy people know that they are not always right.   They don’t let their egos get in the way of solving problems.  They are always there to listen, hoping someone can help them find a way to take care of a problem.

Next time we have to vote and put someone in office to look out for our best interest I believe first we need to ask this person if they are happy.  If they like who they are and what they are.  Good character makes the person.

I don’t know about you, but I am not impressed with how someone looks, where they live and all the phony kissing and hugging that goes one with these politicians, I want to know what they can do for my country.

So tell me is the problem with politicians that they are not happy people? Happy people know how to agree to disagree instead of acting like spoiled children.   Do we need more happiness in Washington?  Is it possible to take out the ego and put in the happiness?  Happy people know they can be wrong and are willing to admit it.  Spoiled children always think they are right.  May be they need to read the book on Compassion It always helps to read and hear inspirational material in our quest to be and stay happy.

I would love to hear your comments.

Just me
Debbie Dee

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