Can We Really Trust Commercials Not To Poison Our Kids

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 We all know that 99% of what they say on commercials is crap.

They are going to tell you anything to get you to buy their product.

But what are they teaching your kids when you aren’t looking or paying attention?

Take this commercial for an example…

  • Does it seem like this kid is running this house?
  • Is Dad reacting to his own son like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie bar?

And here is another one that Halo oranges have come out with…


Is this Modern Day Parenting?

  • When is it OK for our kids to act rude and disrespectful to parents?
  • Are these commercials destroying our kids?
  • Or do you think they are cute and funny?
  • Is this sending a deadly message to your kids?


For me if I was eating one of these oranges (which I do because they are good and easy to peel)

And my kid looked and talked to me in this way…

 My response would be…

You have a problem with me eating this Halo orange?

They respond by saying, “Yes,you are eating my Halo Orange.”

Yes, I am eating AN orange that mom bought because you like them.

I like them to and it was my money that bought them, so if you have a problem with this take it up with someone who cares.

End of story….

Why would a parent even put up with this kind of attitude from there kid?

I understand that they are trying to reach the kids with these ads, so there parents will buy them, because they are great little oranges, and so easy to peel.  (Love that part about them)

But with this kind of ad what is your kid really learning and taking in?


Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will say…

“Wow ‘that kid has an attitude and he/she is getting away with it’…

I would be grounded for life.”

OR maybe they will think…

‘Guess I’ll try that and see if I can get away with it’

We wonder sometimes where our kids come up with some of the stuff they do.

This is part of the reason.

Is there a way to stop these kinds of ads from teaching our kids…

 This is not acceptable?

You bet there is….

One way is to watch TV with them and when an ad like this comes on…

  • Let them know this is and never will be acceptable
  •  Let them know that you do not approve of this ad
  •  Let them know that yes, these oranges are really good and when eating them it is a good time to sit down together and enjoy them with a little conversation.

You may think that your kid isn’t paying any attention to the commercials, whether they are or not this is still going into their brains.


You don’t have to be paying attention to something for it to affect your behavior.

It is no different than you talking to a friend while your kid is playing with their kid and you say ‘Oh shit’.

Next thing you know you’re hearing your 3 year old say, ‘Oh shit’.

You thought they didn’t hear you…

Guess what kids are smarter than we think and they don’t miss a thing that is going on around them or being said.

I tried to get a hold of their marketing department to find out who would be responsible for making these advertisements, but was not able to get a direct number for them or transferred to the department.

 Customer comments or questions about advertising

4805 Centennial Plaza Way, Suite 100
Bakersfield, CA 93312
My guess would be that these creative minds putting these ads together may not have kids of their own.

And do not realize how crippling these ads are to kids and parents.

Fill free to call this number if you would like to tell them what your opinion of these ads is.

Are they funny…


Are they Toxic…

I’m probably going to regret this, but what is your take on these commercials?

Well, then, what are you waiting for?  Get started writing that comment!



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  1. I definitely do not approve of those commercials. If my kids talked to me like that, they would quickly learn that it’s not acceptable. My husband (he is reading over my shoulder) would even go so far as to boycott the halo oranges no matter how good they are because of these commercials. Definitely not acceptable.
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Things I Want To Teach My SonsMy Profile

    • Hi Ann Lynn,
      I am with your husband on this one. Not a bad idea to boycott these halo oranges. Guess they think it is cute.
      I would probably sit there and eat all the oranges and they would have to watch me while I did this, just to prove to them who is in charge.
      And let them know that when they show some respect just maybe I would share an orange with them.
      Some of the commercials today with kids in them, really bother me.
      Thank you for sharing and hubby too.
      I appreciate your opinion.
      Debbie recently posted…Can We Really Trust Commercials Not To Poison Our KidsMy Profile

  2. No way do I approve of these commericals for children or my grandchildren. They are disrespectful.

  3. Hi Debbie,

    I think no parent or person concerned would approve of such ads or commercials – it’s just not acceptable!

    Yes, kids pick up the wrong stuff the quickest, and when they are that young, it’s tough to stop them from grasping the wrong message or words from ads, but as parents you HAVE to guide them. Teach them the right from the wrong but sitting with them while they see such commercials and explain them what it’s all about. We’ve done that with our kids, so I know it works.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Meditation [Infographic]My Profile

    • Hi Harleena,
      Yes, Harleena as a parent you HAVE to guide your kids and what is right and what is wrong. And it does work as you say.

      Thanks for giving me your wise opinion of these commercials. Glad to hear from the responses I am getting that I am not the only one that believes these commercials are giving our kids the wrong impressions when it comes to behavior.
      You have a wonderful week.
      Debbie recently posted…Can We Really Trust Commercials Not To Poison Our KidsMy Profile

  4. Since this blog article was posted, the people at “Wonderful” Halos have put out new ads that are even less wonderful than before. In response, we’ve made a Facebook page to address them where the many people who object to them can unite to be heard. If you want to be counted with us, be sure to visit and “like” our page.

  5. And it gets worse, because then the kids morphed from already disrespectful brats to cruel, possessive children willing to hurt and abuse family members over an orange. Halos ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    • Hi Mille,
      Sorry I’m slow in responding to this. Somehow it by me. Love your reply and yes you are right on.
      Thanks again,

  6. Susan Booth says:

    I have seen those commercials many times this week, are u kidding? 2016 this is politically correct? The theme is violence , if the oranges are not purchased, the parent is beaten.? I get the gist , little kids punishment for running out of oranges….it isn’t funny

  7. First time I saw one I was speechless, and they just seem to get worse. I found while looking then up to see if I was the only one who thought this, and surprisingly lots of parents seem to think they’re “funny” “cute” “entertaining”etc. Makes me wonder how they were raised. To me it has nothing to do with oranges. It teaches kids that Hey, you want something, you can act nasty, rude, disrespectful, and more to get what you want from an adult. Not ok. I get today is different now from how it was with technology and everything else, but going this far is flat out wrong. I have a 16yr old (well she will be in July) n a 8yr old son. Luckily they are raised right and I didn’t even have to say anything about it, they both kinda just said “wow, and they get away with this?” Or my son said “why would they show kids like this?” Not only would they get a lesson about who buys the oranges, but anything else, and it’s not ok to act like a soiled devil to get what they want from an adult. Also, my son saw the one with the horse in bed, and was clueless asking what that means or why she cut off her horses head to put in dad’s bed…. is a reference from the godfather movie appropriate for young kids? That one, n the lil boy telling like he’s possessed bother me the most.
    Also, does anyone else notice since commercial one that it’s ALL DAD’S?

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