The 7 Great Comebacks for Stupid People Interfering With Your Parenting

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stupid peopleMy heart goes out to parents these days having to put up with all those arrogant adults that don’t have anything better to do with their time…

Than watch parents with their kids or kids playing with each other innocently…

And having the ruthless notion that they can judge them or tell them what to do when there not the one spending 24/7 with this little person every day.

Take for example …

The couple in Maryland that let their 10 year old and his sister walk home from the park alone.

Why would some ruthless ‘Know it all’ call the police?

Instead of…

Asking the kids if they are OK…

If they say yes, let them walk home.

(If you’re really concerned about them walking alone; you walk a good safe distance behind them to make sure they get home safely.)

Here is another link if you wish to read more about parents being railroaded by a system that is sticking their nose totally where it doesn’t belong.

One 9 year old was playing in the park and another dad was sent to jail, because his son skipped church.

Talk about your day going down the toilet, because some jerk thinks they know best for your kid.

Give me a freakin break…

Here is an incident that happened to me one day…

And how I handled it.

(If I might say, “Like a responsible adult.”)

Two little girls rang my door bell one day. (They were like 8 years old)

Said that there mom had let them go out for a walk and now they were lost and couldn’t find their way back home.

Could I help…

NO, I didn’t even think of calling the police or social services…


I ask them their names and if they knew there address or phone number…

Neither of them knew there address or phone number.

I tried the phone book to see if I could find a number with their parent’s name.

No such luck. (Everybody has cell phones these days with no land line)

(The neighborhood that I live in has some real fun streets, we aren’t talking about you’re block here and then there’s the next block, so I totally understood how they would get lost.)

Anyway I said, “Let’s take a walk and see if you recognize anything and we will find your house.”

We started out walking and after a while they recognized this street. Low and behold we found there house.

Yes, Mom was a bit of a mess, sense the girls hadn’t return…

There she was standing in the drive way with her baby in hand and the stroller next to her getting ready to go look for them.

It was wonderful seeing the tears of joy on her face; how happy she was that I found there house.

Now what would have happen to that lovely family that day if I had…

Called the police or Good Old Social Services and turned this mother in for letting her kids go out for a walk?

I don’t even want to know the backlash that would have caused for this family.

What happened to the days where we helped kids, and parents instead of judging them?

For example…

You’re in the store and a parent is having trouble with a kid having a tantrum…

You look at the parent with a smile and say, “Know how you feel, I‘ve been there.”

I remember a friend telling me about the time he picked up his 14 year old from school and the kid was really giving him a bad time and being disrespectful. He finally stopped the car and made the kid walk.

Some idiot lady seen this and call the police.

I would have honked my horn and said, “You go dad.”

Yes, he did go back and get the kid…

And when they got home…

Of course the police showed up.

After talking to the dad they looked straight in the eyes of the son and said, “You’ll have and show respect for your father”

(My hat goes off to the smart police officers for backing the father.)

Are parents losing their God given right to be the parent?

How far is too far for the law to go?


What are you supposed to do about these stupid morons that are watching ever move you make with your child?

Stupid people are part of life, so the only option you have is…


Have them ready when that  smart @$$ thinks your parenting has gone down the drain and been washed out to sea.

You know the times you are in the store and the little one decides it is time to pull out all the stops and embarrass the shit out of mom with a thundering bolt.

Or you’re in restaurant trying to enjoy a good family meal and the lovely little one decides family time sucks.

Or being in the store and the little one is standing in the cart, because that is the only way you can keep him or her happy and it has been one of those days.

And you’re just praying that soon the day will end and that little peanut will be sweetly sleeping in their bed.

Here are a few comebacks to use when you’re confronted with that lunatic that thinks they know all about raising your kids…

And you feel like you just want to hurt them or maybe even hand your precious little 2 year old over to them and say, “GOOD LUCK.”

1. I didn’t realize you were an expert on raising kids. Please continue while I take notes.
2. I am so sorry life is so boring that you feel you have to interfere with my parenting
3. May I have your name and address, so next time I am in need of an opinion about raising kids I know who to call.
4. When you start feeding these little darlings and putting the roof over their heads you can have an opinion, until than I don’t believe it is any of your business.
5. After that meltdown I totally forgot that I ask for your opinion.
6. It is breathtaking to know that you have everything figured out in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t have time to worry about my parenting.
7. Since I have kids of my own I have learned that it is never too late to shut up and mind my own business.

One thing that might help to understand these fools is to know that there is a stupid virus that has been discovered.

It is a virus that infects human brains and makes us more stupid, according to scientists in the US. The algae virus, never before observed in healthy people, was found to affect cognitive functions including visual processing and spatial awareness.

Scientists at John Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska stumbled upon the discovery when they were undertaking an unrelated study into throat microbes.

So is it the stupid virus that is causing all the havoc for parents?

Or is it because we have become a judge and jury society instead of a village for this generation of children?

Being the amazing parent you are I would love to know your take on this or what comebacks you have for that bumbling fool that has interfered with your parenting.

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  1. Carolyn Hughes says:

    Totally refreshing and full of common sense! Thank you Debbie 🙂

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I really do feel sorry for parents today with younger kids. Even my own daughters are careful when out in public with their little ones. It is like a mine field for parents. You never know when the wrong move, or tone you use with your kids is going to cause trouble.
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi, helping the little girls was great. So true, that some people interfere too much without knowing anything about the real situation others are into. This is a great post to remind parents to be aware and be very careful with their kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Ivnne,
    Thanks, you know it did make me feel really good that I could help those 2 little girls. Our children are our future and we need to pull together for them instead of being so quick to judge parents. There are a lot of good parents out there.

  5. Where I live this is not a problem…however I have lived there and realiized that this is a problem. Thumbs up to the author!

    • You are lucky Sherill. Around this place you are taking a chance just going to Target with your kids.
      Thanks for the thumbs up. They are always appreciated.

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