6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent Books

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parenting 6Are you finding it tough to be a parent in today world?

It is like a competitive sport…

And everybody is watching everybody…

With all the advice, because of modern day technology how are you to know what is the right way to parent and the wrong way.

When you Google parenting you start with this…

Parenting: Home

The home of Parenting and BabyTalk Magazines with information on many topics on being a parent.

Pregnancy – ‎Top 10 Baby Boy Names – ‎Pregnancy Week by Week – ‎Child Behavior

When you arrive at this site be ready and prepared to do a lot of clicking…

behavior chartYou’ll find…

  • Child behavior charts
  • Children behavior problems along with making healthy food.

And the list goes on….

By the time you get through studying this material your kiddo maybe off to college or in the slammer.

That is just the first site when you Google parenting. What more would you want after all?

OK here is another site… on Love and Logic.

You’ll find everything from Parenting curriculum to Becoming a Love and Logic Parent curriculum.

Which entails…

  • Avoid un-winnable power-struggles and arguments
  • Stay calm when their kids do incredibly upsetting things
  • Set enforceable limits
  • Avoid enabling and begin empowering
  • Help their kids learn from mistakes rather than repeating them
  • Raise kids who are family members rather than dictators and much more

I’m not saying that they don’t have some good advice, but how much time do you really have to study all this material?

So how do you raise a kid in these days of Modern Day parenting?

different childWhen…

All kids are different and have their own personalities…

Can someone really tell you how to raise your kids?

Not so much, because…

  • Your kid is different from another kid, even their siblings.
  • Your kid is going to perceive a situation different than another kid.
  • Some kids are born leaders…
  • Other kids are followers.
  • Some kids learn things the hard way while others are quick learners.

  NO 2 people are alike…

You may be having trouble with your kid throwing a fit at the age of 2, but that doesn’t mean what works for the neighbors kid is going to work for yours to stop this behavior.

Yes, it is good to listen and learn from others, but remember they are all different little people and react differently.

One of my kids I could talk to…

Another one not so much, but a good pop on the bum worked darn well. (When it comes to that I always had my rules, 3 pops were enough, more than that it was for me to feel better, not get the kids attention.)

Use some common sense and get to know your kid and you are going to learn what works and what doesn’t work.

I’m not here to teach you how to raise your kids…

I’m here to tell you not to let everyone else tell you how to raise them, but use your God given common sense instead of Google or Facebook.

These people just want to make money off of you and make you feel like a loser when it comes to being a parent.

parenting books4So when do you know that you are reading too many parenting post or books?

1. Your kid still is misbehaving and its get worse…
2. Your kid is ruling your house, not you…
3. Your kid is having trouble at preschool or school and nothing is working you have gotten out of a book…
4. Your kid is unhappy…
5. Your kid is doing everything he or she can do to get your attention….
6. Last of all you as a parent are just wore out trying to be the perfect parent and can never remember all the careful words you are supposed to use when dealing with your cute little one.

You ask, “What next?”

Find a safe place and burn all the parenting book….

Look at your kid and say…

Go back to being you and teaching your kid YOUR values.
Screw the…
  •   ‘Use your inside voice.’
  • Complements and thank you for everything they do.
  • Giving them choices for everything instead of “this is the way it is”.

Kids are shooting each other, because parents aren’t parenting anymore…

They are listening to all the so called experts that probable don’t even have kids.

Come on ladies and gentlemen let’s get real about this parenting thing…

Your parents didn’t have all this parenting advice from strangers that really don’t give a rats %^& anyway and you came out OK.
(Maybe you had to make some small adjustment.)

You are good parents and have lots of good common sense, don’t let Google take that away from you and make you a victim of bad parenting.

Are you a Google or Facebook parent or do you parent your way?

Opinions please, just drop them in the box below.

Thanks for sharing your view on parenting. It is always appreciated.

P.S. If you like this please share it. I am counting on you.

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  1. Dear Debbie –

    Well, new parents are lucky. We did not have all those resources.

    We had Dr. Spock.

    And I never did all the things he said to do.

    1. Let your baby cry
    2 Keep them on a feeding schedule.

    Somehow they survived me. I sometimes wonder how.
    Someone should start a lobby for an instructional manual for new moms.


    PS When he cried, I fed him. He stopped crying.
    Corinne Edwards recently posted…COMPLAINTS – from Sales, Lies and Naked Truths – on AmazonMy Profile

  2. Hi Corinne,
    Love your p.s. “When he cried, I fed him. He stopped crying.”. See you used the parenting books right. If it sounded good to you, you used it, if not you did what you thought was right, and it worked.
    My daughter was telling me other day, how she has stopped reading all the parenting stuff, because it just makes her feel like a bad parent.
    I have a friend who’s brother used Dr. Spock (every word) and he is still paying her bills. Says it is the dumbest thing he ever did.
    Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to getting your opinion.:)
    Debbie recently posted…6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent BooksMy Profile

  3. Debbie

    I never read any of those type of books. Common sense is the best approach (although sometimes you want to kill them!).

    Andrew recently posted…Search Engine Optimization: The Step Most Website Owners Forget To DoMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      You wouldn’t believe what is out there now days. it starts with the day you find out your going to be a parent and works it way up.
      I don’t believe there is a common sense approach any more.
      As for wanting to kill them at times, you better not let anyone hear you say, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out.” That is a BIG NO NO. Big verbal child abuse.
      yes, the rules have changed i am glad my kids are adults.
      Thanks for sharing. Always good to see that smiling face.
      Debbie recently posted…6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent BooksMy Profile

  4. Sometimes there are too many different advices out there and we don’t know which is the right advices.

    Like you said, back to basic and take back the responsibility ourselves.

    Why animals don’t have parenting issues? I always wonder that.
    Raymond Chua recently posted…K2 Tuition in Johor 2014 年,一年级补习招生My Profile

    • Hi Raymond,
      You ask, “Why don’t animals have parenting issues?’ Guess it is because they can’t read. LOL (Love that question)
      Yes, there is a lot of advice out there, that is way if I am our in public and a parent is having a problem with there kids and they handle it with good common sense rather than hearing them say, “Please don’t do that.” I give them a big smile and thumbs up.
      Wonder sometimes what it is going to be like in 10 to 20 years. And i do feel bad for many of they kids today. They are going to find a tough world out there that they may not be prepared for.
      thank you for sharing and I have to give some thought to the animal parenting. Just hope humans don’t start interfering with them when it comes to parenting. LOL
      Debbie recently posted…6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent BooksMy Profile

  5. Hi Debbie,

    I have never read a parenting book. Also the advice always seems contradictory. So what do you follow? You’re back to square one!

    It wasn’t a parenting book, but the closest to a parenting book that I’ve read was a book given to me by my mum. It was really a pregnancy book that had 3d images of the babies daily growth and short paragraphs of their progress. It was written by the lead professor at the hospital I planned to give birth in.

    Actually I remember her buying my partner a parenting book for dads only. It was very humorous and stated sentences like… “don’t leave the baby at the shop, when the football on”.

    He never read it!

    Naomi recently posted…Don’t Make This Decision For Your Business Start-UpMy Profile

  6. Hi Naomi,
    Love your mum sense of humor. That is great. As for the book your doctor gave you, that one makes sense. All babies and kid are different, but that would give you a base for what to expect and watch for.
    I don’t see the need for all the books, but a good sense of humor always comes in handy when raising kids. Knowing how to laugh is a must.
    Thank you Naomi for sharing your experience. have a wonderful day.
    Debbie recently posted…6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent BooksMy Profile

  7. Hi Debbie,

    A wonderful way to suggest …’be yourself’! While I agree with you that too much of reading about parenting proves to be useless, some basic knowledge is quite essential. It is up to us how to adapt that information according to our situations. Following the advice of so called experts blindly may not help but there is no harm in reading whatever possible (as mothers don’t get much time) and sift according to our needs.

    I raised two daughters but they had to be handled differently, one would agree to whatever I said but the other had ‘why’ and ‘no’ at every step. It is our common sense which helps the most and the same thing I keep telling my daughter, whenever she says – ‘the book says so’! Mothers of cyber age feel that the opinion and advice of grandma is outdated!! 30 years old!!

    Thanks for taking up this topic…it is so relevant for modern times.
    Balroop Singh recently posted…Cultivating Patience… Is It Your Priority?My Profile

    • Hi Balroop,
      I agree that it is essential to find and read about the basic knowledge of parenting.
      It is important to read, but like you say, we do have to know when to sift according to our needs, not someone else’s opinion.
      Common sense is the most important part of parenting.
      Don’t you just love it when our kids tell us that the ‘book says so’?
      I have heard that many of times from my girls. I just look at them and say, ‘OK, good luck with that, but don’t let it get in the way of your good common sense.’
      Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion with me. Love hearing it.
      Debbie recently posted…6 Warning Signs That You Need To Stop Reading How To Be A Parent BooksMy Profile

  8. Hi Debbie,

    I don’t think parenting books are that bad. You should trust on your own instincts first and foremost and use parenting guides when your instincts have taken time off. Sometimes we all can use a little (self-) help.

    • Hi Judy,
      I do agree that parenting books can be of help, but when do they do more harm than good? Trusting your on instincts like you say is foremost important.
      Common sense is very important and I am confused to when and why a parent would need a behavioral chart when there is many more important things to do. Why does a child that can’t even read need to see something like this on a refrigerator?
      Thank you for sharing your opinion on parenting books. I always enjoy what others are thinking.

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