5 Tips For Raising Kids So They Don’t End Up Being Your Worst Nightmare.

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 Raising Kids Is Like A Crap Shoot At Times, So You have To Learn To Stay Ahead of The Game.

When it comes to raising kids you really don’t know what you are going to end up with in 20 years unless you are paying close attention..

 Yes, there are times when you want to start all over, but there is NO rewind button when it comes to raising kids.

Kids are going to end up being the joy of your life or your worst nightmare, depending on your parenting.

Here are 5 tips in raising kids so they don’t end up being your worst nightmare.

1.   Don’t try to buy your kids.  When you think that things are going to make them happy and well balanced, you have your head were it doesn’t belong.    You have to love them and guide them on a daily bases.

2.   Don’t try to keep up with the neighbors kids.  Parents really get caught up with this one.  “So and so has this, mom, dad can’t I have it?”  This is teaching your kid that they have to be like someone else rather than being whom or what they are meant to be. Besides you can go into deep debt trying to keep up with all the JONES in the world.  Remember someday you do want to retire.

3.   Thinking your kid has to be the most popular in school.  Popularity is really over rated.  Look back at your own school years; those popular kids didn’t amount to much when they became adult.  Why, because they were use to everyone catering to them and never learned to survive in the real world.

4.   Totally trusting your kid.  Yes, we need to trust them, but only to a point.  Parents always have to stay one step ahead of their kid.  If you believe everything your kid tells you, they may end up as a pathological liar.

5.   Making excuses for your kid.  Some parents have a habit of making excuses for their kids.  ‘The teacher is picking on them’.  ‘The other kids don’t like them because…’  It ends up where nothing is ever your kid’s fault… it is always someone else’s.  What in the heck are you teaching your kid?  They never have to take responsibility.  Too bad for you, you’ll end up having them live with you forever, so don’t think you can use their bedroom for something else.

Our kid’s become whom and what we teach them to be.

Wouldn’t it be better for them and you if you taught them…

  • Kindness


  • Love


  • Values


  • Morals


  • Appreciation


  • How to work hard and have goals


  • Know that in life there are always boundaries.


  • Respect for themselves and others.

What it comes down to is this…

If you don’t want to end up supporting these adorable little babies the rest of your life teach them…kindness, love, values, morals, appreciation, hard work, boundaries, and respect.

After reading this are you wishing for that rewind button or do you get to retire someday, because you did one hell of a good job when it comes to raising your kids?




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  1. Debbie,

    I agree with you. There are really critical times in a child’s life that they must have a good-enough mother or significant caregiver (father, grandparent, etc). And stuff doesn’t make you happy or even popular. I really feel sorry for all the popular kids I went to high school with. It was all down hill after that. We the geeks began to blossom in college and keep growing 35 years later.

    It’s my one big beef with daycare taking babies 6 weeks old. I was fortunate that I got to stay home with my son until he was almost 6 months old, and then he was cared for by my neighbor and friend who loved him dearly. At 15 months old, he went to day care.

    The first year is vital to building the foundation for a child with normal feelings of empathy, care for others, and that they are worth being loved. If a baby is neglected significantly on a regular basis from birth to 6 months old, their brain doesn’t develop the areas that allow them to learn self-worth and empathy. It’s clear as day when you compare their brain scans as adults to those of people who were not neglected as babies and young children.

    It can be overcome, but it takes a lot of therapy and work with the child as soon as they are removed from the neglecting household. If the hard, active work of overcoming it isn’t done before the child reaches puberty, it may be too late. The brain is resilient, but the person with that brain has to want to change and then put in the work to make the changes needed to develop normally.

    Babies are precognitive and pre-verbal, so the only things we know for a couple of years are if we were loved and cared for, or not. We feel it, we don’t know it consciously. It comes out as anxiety or inner strength and confidence.

    They may not turn out to be serial killers, but they will have varying degrees of anti-social personality and behavior up through being sociopathic.

    So when that baby cries, pick it up and hold it close, find out what it needs and meet that need. You may not need to pick it up, but just comfort it and let it know you’re there and ready to take care of it.
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