41 Mistakes Parents Make That…

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How Modern Day Parenting Is Gambling With Your Kids Future

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“Parenthood is a partnership with God…you are working with the Creator of the universe in shaping human character and determining destiny” Ruth VaughnAre you really in control of your kids character and determined destiny anymore or have you turned that over to society?Here is a report … Continue reading...

How To Triumph While You, A Loved One or Your Child Is Suffering


 A while back I read a post at “Emotional Shadows – Where all emotions are cared for.”Balroop is talking about our faith…In response to my comment Balroop still wanted to know… ‘Why do good people who have not wronged anybody, suffer?’Let’s take a good look … Continue reading...

How Single Mom’s Are Sexy Warriors

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Dear Single Mom, Whether you know it or not… You are a head of the game and stronger than you realize. Your plate is over loaded (Hell it isn’t even a plate it is a platter.) You feel the weight of the world on your shoulder and have ever reason in the world to feel […]

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Can We Really Trust Commercials Not To Poison Our Kids

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We all know that 99% of what they say on commercials is crap. They are going to tell you anything to get you to buy their product. But what are they teaching your kids when you aren’t looking or paying attention? Take this commercial for an example… Does it seem like this kid is running […]

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How To Raise Your Kids With One Pair Of Hands

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Do you ever feel like… There are some days where you don’t have enough hands to take care of everything when it comes to your kids? I feel your pain… As mothers we all have those days. The days that your kid or kids are driving you crazy…  Maybe with the fighting with siblings  Or […]

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10 Warning Sign You Are Raising a Spoiled Brat


Nobody wants to raise a spoiled brat… A kid that is selfish, demanding and always insensitive to others. It isn’t a lack of love that does the harm. It is the substitute of material things instead of genuine love.  When a parent tries to give them everything…   Indulging them with toys to make them […]

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A Mothers Worst Nightmare

me and mommy

When My Little Girl Was Abducted I couldn’t comprehend this was happening to me. One minute my little girl is right beside me. The next minute she is gone… I ask myself through tears, “Will I ever see her smiling face again?” I think about the days leading up to this moment … The days […]

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How Santa Explains Himself and Puts The Real Miracle Back In Christmas

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Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? These modern days, we are not even supposed to say, “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending someone.  It is suppose to be Happy Holidays. I say crap on that… With that said let me turn the story over to Santa. Here is Santa’s story…And what he wants […]

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Grandpa What Happened To Thanksgiving?


Do you know why we had a Thanksgiving, Son? No, grandpa, why did we use to have Thanksgiving? The ‘First Thanksgiving’ was a celebration by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in 1621. It lasted for 3 days and shared with Native Americans. Also it has been an annual tradition since […]

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How To Be Smart When Posting On Facebook


Give me a break people; use some common sense when posting things on Facebook. Here is a lady that posted her gun permit on Facebook and now she is band from her daughter’s school. ‘Why would you want the world to know you carry a gun permit?” Unless maybe you are trying to scare the […]

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41 Mistakes Parents Make...

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